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In the Cursed Child series (only one book so far) Scorpius Malfoy (Draco Malfoy's son) starts as side Hero, and in book he becomes main Hero who fight evil to save Harry Potter and the World. With Scorpius, his father Draco also becomes positive. 

How do you like this?

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It is not written that all evil has to rule and that it is handed down to your offspring. In some cases this is true, but in a lot of cases, the children of these evil people don't want anything to do with them at all. They try their best to be completely different than their parents. 

In the Harry Potter series, it has always been a fight between good and evil with Harry and Malfoy. In the beginning, I had the feeling it was Malfoy who was so jealous of Harry and his abilities that drove him to evil. Maybe evil was always in his soul and this was just who he was.

As a son of the evil, it is good that the storytellers didn't carry this on to the next generation and have decided to show people that the product of good can be born from the product of evil. I think this turn of event is good and will really add to and enhance the story. It also adds a nice new interesting twist to the plot. 
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Well, it is nice that the son of one of Harry's "enemies" becomes nice. It shows that the evil does not run in the Malfoy bloodline. It is a complete plot twist for the HP series, which I was glad to notice as well.

Even though this might be a complete spolier for some people, I really like how everything unfolded on these books and I really think this is a life lesson that shows that the descendents of bad/evil people do not have to follow the family's footsteps.
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This might be a spoiler, a bit; but everything is not unfolded. There are more information available online about Cursed Child. I just put a simple question which any harry potter fan can understand without spoiling his fun of reading cursed child book; the movie is on way and this is going to be a trilogy. We may wait for the movie which is perhaps going to be in 2026 (still far enough to read the book).

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