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I am a final year engineering student in India. I am preparing for the gate exam. Recently I saw a website that posting questions for preparing gate exam. Will it be helpful for me to join there? Do these questions repeat? Is it worth to spend time on that question answer website?

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The course for GATE exam is very limited and it has been continuing for above 25 years so it is highly probable that you come upon a questions similar to previous year question but 90% No.

Few questions comes with modification like earlier if they ask for formula this time they may ask numerical on it.

Sometimes value in the numerical can be changed or sometimes different entity can be asked. Lots of Free stuff available on net.

My suggestion is stick to basic and clear each and every concept of your domain.Once its done

go for previous year question papers.
Get course material from Ace or Times Academy.(they are deeply involved in it and have recognised classes in India across all major cities)

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I will answer in the affirmative because most exams bodies does same repeating exam questions of a previous year or years all the time.This should be a clear message to all exams writer not just for you, to always study old or previous exam questions and maybe be sure of the answers in case those questions are repeated again.

Joining the site wouldn't just help you in getting to see old questions and probably all the correct answers to them but it will help expose you to how the exams are set and the kind of questions you should be expecting and the answers would help give one a clue on how the answers should be answered. So even if the exact questions are not asked but you would have been exposed to the right way of answering the questions to get your full marks. So go on with the site.

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