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Account/accounts is something a person has with a company - like a bank account or even facebook account.

Accounting is a profession or the area of a building that deals with the finance of a company - The accounting is responsible for taking care of the money of a company, for example.

Accountancy is the practice of keeping record of something (whether you do for your household or in a job) classyfying the papers and separating them accordingly.

There are many other professions in this world that do basically the same such as treasury, bookkeeping etc.

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Accounts literally means the ways  of storing money in different categories by a financial institutions such as a bank or the post office like in other countries. Accounts helps a financial institutions know a category a customer in a bank belongs. Like if a customer is in the category as savings account holder or current account holder or he or she has fixed deposit accounts.

Accounting is the act itself of helping customers store their  money,calculating how much have been stored and enabling the customers to retrieved the stored money without stress.

Accountancy is then the act of studying all that entails to work with storing money so as to be qualified to work in a bank or any financial institutions. One will stand a better chance of employment if one had studied accountancy.
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Although the three terms are related to an extent but there is great difference between them.

Accounts: are the records that are kept on behalf of people on some certain items or events about them. For example, your bank helps to keep account of your financial records you have with them. Students records on their attendance to school are kept in the register. The main purpose of keeping accounts is for future references.

Accounting: this is the act of keeping and recording of accounts about events or items that are related to people. The person who performs the act of accounting is called accountant.

Accountancy: this is the practices of recording, classifying and reporting of business transactions carried out on goods and services in an organization. Accountancy is basically useful in providing feedbacks to management in respect to financial results and status of an establishment.

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