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If all the person wanted was to rob me, I would give them my purse or whatever.  But if it's a life and death situation, and they want to violate me and/or take my life I'll fight them!  At that point I figure the chances are 50/50.  50% chance I die or 50% I live to tell.  I'll take my chances.
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I won't react when anyone attacks me at gun point. I believe that my life is quite precious to me than anything that the person is going to steal from me. So, I will definitely not act when such thing happen. 
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Human life does not have a spare, so when it comes to guns, I would give up any kind of fight in a heartbeat. 

Why would I want to be the cause of my own death? That would be something very stupid of me. 
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I will run as long as I can, I won't bother fighting back if I have children with me.

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I was held at gunpoint one time in my life. The guy was drunk and I do believe he had some really bad mental issues. He ordered me to get in his car and start driving. At one point he stuck the gun out the window and fired the gun. I had to pull over and he left me on the side of the road and took off. I was never so scared in my life. He had me and my daughter in the car with him and I had no idea what he would do to us. I just followed what he had to say so he didn't get angry and turn the gun on me. 

I know now, it is best if a person does this to you that you should try and stay as calm as you can. Trying to talk them down will only make them angrier. I had to try and stay calm so my daughter would be fine. If it ever happened to me again, I'd do the same thing. I feel this was the only thing that saved her and me. 
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It is very hard to say the way you will react, even though if at gunpoint you should never react.

It is not safe to react, if possible remain calm and pray, pretty much.

Never react at funpoint or even when people use a knife on you, for example. Also having your own knife for protection can end up bad for you, after all the bad person might get it from your hands and use it against you.

I was robbed once, and I reacted to the person, even though he had no guns or knives, I noticed he had no gun but if he had a knife I could be dead right now. He hit me on the face and kicked me also...he pulled my bag and I fell backwards, I hurt my head, lost my glasses and broke a rib in the process.

Though my neighbours managed to get my bag back, I really never imagined reacting...but at the rush you end up doing things you would never imagine.
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I don't know how I would react. I think I might be frozen to the spot with fright wondering if these terrifying moments would be my last.

I'm pretty sure I would comply with my aggressor's wishes in the hope that if I did as he asked he would spare my life. I would certainly not show any resistance as he is the one with the gun.

My sister was confronted with a man who told her to give him all her money. She calmly put her bag down and punched him in the face. I don't know if that was brave or foolish but luckily he said "ow" and ran off. There were no weapons involved in this attack so I think she was lucky.
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Never fight back if they point you a gun because they want to get something from you. It is much more easier if you just give what they want. But if you know that the only thing that they want is to kill you whatever you do, you need to fight back than letting them kill you. Life is much more important than the other things. 
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If I was held at gunpoint, I would try to stay as calm as possible. Any form of reaction might trigger the person holding you at gunpoint to hurt you or even kill you. I had an encounter once when a gun was pointed at me and my mother through the window of our home. It was a thief and in fact they were about nine of them outside. They asked us to open the doors but we didn't. I quickly ran and hid our valuables.
They still got access into the house by breaking the windows. They got so pissed that  yelled at us and took a whole lot things away. Thinking back now, I guess we should have done what they asked. We were so lucky that they didn't hurt us eventually .
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I don't have that knowledge on how to defend myself if someone point a gun to me. I think it depends on how they hold the gun if they really know how to use it. If I sense that they are even obviously scared to point a gun to me, I might as well push it away, but I think I will just remain calm and shock because it is really hard to use logic when you are in that situation. I don't want to be a victim, I don't even imagine it happening to me. i think I am going to faint before anything else. If a gun is point to me I will just let the other person to do it for me to be not hurt. But we really don't know what happens next. Maybe they will just get what they want because most of the time they will say their intention and they will say they will not hurt you if you will just follow the instruction.
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I have encountered this once in my life and I must say that experience almost traumatized me for life but I'm happy I was able to get the needed therapy to reduce the tensions.

No, fighting or attacking an already armed person is putting oneself at risk ,let alone going to attack one with a gun,that will be one's undoing because with just a trigger,one is gone. It will be a foolish thing to do.

No need fighting back wihen one has no defence mechanism in place because one will be putting self in great danger.All I did doing my ordeal was just to plead and even at that I was still injured.

The best bet is obeying and trying to plead for mercy not trying to defend self or attack the perpetrators.
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It's quiet easy to give an answer to a question like this, whilst in reality, it's the complete opposite. For me I got stunned, and yes, I too have been held at gun point once.

Some dude disrespected me big time during my first year in college. I responded by beating the hell out of him. What I didn't know was that the dude was a gang banger. As expected, he returned for me with an army of thugs. The first one who stepped into my apartment held the gun in a sideways position, pointing straight at my head. I froze, I felt like my brain was wiped clean at the very moment. I was going to die I thought to myself. Till date, i still believe It was a miracle surviving that day. An unfamiliar voice amongst them called out my name. I couldn't quiet picture the face as my brain was probably malfunction at that moment. The one who called my name happened to be a childhood friend I lost contact with a long time ago. He was like a leader of the group. And that was it, I survived.

I don't know how more to explain it, but the feeling you get if ever faced with this terrifying situation is unexplainable. It's like the life in you begins to elevate out of your body, a feeling I never want to experience again.
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Oohh wow that was a close call for you. This types of people are very hard to comprehend, they can hurt you so bad. Anyway thank God you learned your lesson then.
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I will not, and even though there's an opportunity to fight back, I don't think I'll have the courage to do it. I might just froze in that very moment and comply with all the requests of this person.

I once witnessed a guy being shot to death. He took at least 3-4 bullets with one go right through his head. I didn't know what to do. I just cried and cried from where I stand. I cannot control the sobbing. I was so scared. I wanted to shout but no words came out. I was trembling in fear even though it was apparent that the murderer only had intentions for killing his victim. That day I realized how easy it was for other people to take away somebody else's life as if it wasn't a life he's taking. It made me ask why guns were even invented in the first place.
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It would be foolhardy for one to try anything funny at gunpoint. I know it might be very difficult to tell how one can react in such situation, especially if it deals with gun that even the bravest is scared of. I am just trying to imagine the scenario of how things is going to play out if caught in such situation.

I must admit that it would be very hard for me to go against the grain if i am attacked at a gun point. I wouldn't want to put my life in danger. We all know how precarious things could get if things turned out awry. And seriously, i don't want to take the risk of endangering my dear life. The best thing to do in such situation is to give up myself and valuables to the attacker because once there is life there is always hope.

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