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I have been watching a lot of comedy lately. I have come to love comedy series. My best include partners, baby daddy, friends and two broke girls. Which are your best?
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Definitely Friends and How I Met Your Mother. The mixture of comedy and drama make these series the best for me.
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I remember watching Mr. Bean. I was watching this one ever since I was young and it had grown with me. I even watched the film.
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I love two Broke Girls too. Friends makes me laugh so hard and most recently I love Modern Family and Orange is the New Black. They just make my day. 
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I am a huge fan of Friends. The series just gets me cracking up, one of my all time favourites.
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Friends and Big Bang Theory are my favorite comedy series. I also liked ''Two and half men" till the time Charlie Sheen was playing the lead role.
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I like friends and now i am seeing big bang theory that is also good only but none can match the friends series.
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Over here in Nigeria, we have a comedy series called Mark Angel. It's the most popular and most liked comedy series that's acted by a 7 year old girl called Emmanuela. It's my favorite comedy series and it's rated number one here in Nigeria. 

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I love comedy too but not that much.Have been watching Marlon for quite sometime now.I just love the fact that he's proud to be black.I wouldn't mind watching it over and over again.

Again I love Sam and cat.This too, I wouldn't mind watching over and over ,the episodes.If there's someone who makes Sam and cat enjoyable then its  Sam. I just love her.
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We have something in common. I like comedy too. The one that broke my ribs is 'The gods must be crazy' I really enjoyed that comedy especially the forest scene. My second best comedy is the 'Charlie Chaplin' comedy series.  Other funny comedy include Tom and Jerry, Mr Bean, Mr Bones, The three idiots and of cause I can't leave out Jackie Chan who is my favorite actin movie comedian amoung others.
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During my childhood, the best comedy series was "Ye Jo Hai Zindagi" (Literally meaning "That is life" for Hindi) It was known as first comedy series or soap opera with only one session. After that the second most popular (not for me personally) was "Tu Tu Main Main" (Literally meaning "You You I I") The soap opera based of comic relation between Mother in Law and Daughter in Law.

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