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ER means emergency rooms.Urgent care deals with minor wounds and infections while ER deals with life threatening conditions that involves several wounds.

Urgent care has advantages than ER. For instance, Urgent cares offer better treatment because the specialists do their best to treat the conditions before they worsen.

You'll take less time while on urgent care because there are several specialists to handle the conditions and it contains minor treatment.

Saving money - patients in ER tend to pay a lot of money for the treatment unlike those in the urgent care.
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The ER is usually for medical emergencies or acute issues which are likely to require blood tests or imaging or more invasive medical interventions. These patients tend to be more unwell and have a higher chance of requiring the need for admission to hospital. Often the diagnosis or management of these patients take longer and they may require a bed.

Urgent care is for acute but minor issues, which are problems that can usually be managed by general practitioners without requiring blood tests or invasive medical interventions. Whilst, these patients may also be unwell, they are stable and unlikely to deteriorate. The issues they present with can often be managed and diagnosed in a shorter period of time and these patients are less likely to require hospital admission.
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