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One of my relatives who is close to 65 wanted to learn car driving.  But he is too slow to pick up balance and it is really taking too much of time.  Is it related to his age or age does not matter.
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I can still see older people driving car around our place, but I have notice they were  more slower than any others. At your age,if you don't have any eye bad site,and a healthy person, then why not? There is no late to learn for something if you are willing to and your physically fit to do it.

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At this age the person's motor skills slow down, his sight and reaction time can also be affected by age. If a person has sight, hearing, motor skills issues, or reaction issue they shouldn't try to learn to drive at 65. However, there are some people at this age who are sharp, have great motor skills, and their sight hasn't started to deteriorate. This person could easily learn how to drive and make a good driver on the road.

I feel if a person has reached a certain age and they haven't learned to drive by now, then maybe they shouldn't drive at all. In some countries, there are so many people on the road and it would be dangerous for this person to drive. I also think that people after a certain age should really consider if they are safe on the road or not. There are many people who don't care about others and just drive fast because they are always in a hurry. As a person gets older they don't have the skills or the patience to accept this. Their reaction time slows down with age and this is when accidents happen. 
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I learned to drive when I was 54 which is quite late by most people's standards but I can honestly say I have never regretted it and it has changed my life. I started off in a manual car but failed my test a few times so switched to automatic and passed right way. 

It's never too late to learn a new skill but the one thing I would say is it might take a little longer than if you were a young person. People told me that and I didn't believe it but looking back they were right. It is harder to pick it up which is why your relative is struggling. For me the turning point was switching to an automatic car. I really took off after that.

I'm 67 now and as good as anyone else on the road, probably safer than many but it did take me longer than some.  
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His passion to drive is really good but the problem is the age.Most of the older people tend to cause accidents oftenly due to reduced vision.It becomes hard to view a long distance especially where there's mist and fog. Also, impaired hearing is another factor.They'll struggle to hear the horn especially when there's traffic.

Old men are fond of getting sick oftenly. It can even become hard moving their foot from tthe gas to the break pedal.In some circumstances they might fall sick and it will become hard driving.
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The question is, does he want to learn to drive? Does learning how to drive really matters to him and be helpful to him and other people around him. I know a person who learns how to drive. He is younger than 65 years old though. He learn how to drive because he is now a grandfather, oblige to fetch his grand daughter to nursery school every afternoon, since both of the parents are at work. Because of that, he said that he is willing to drive her grand daughter going home. He learned how to drive for a year. I think he was trained by his son and he even has a license before but he is not driving, so he updated it and learn how to drive again. I think he just need to learn it for his love for his grand daughter and of course, he wants to be helpful in the family since he is retired already.
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Learning how to drive a car at that age may not be really easy, but it doesn't mean that it is one that is not that possible to achieve. Yeah, such is an age where the brain is not quick enough to analyze some information and put it into action, but the thing is that nothing is impossible to achieve as well. Driving a car is something that is important and necessary which I think the manager at age 65 should not give up in learning.

Right here in our country, there are older men that still drive their cars without much stress and it is all because they started doing so with the belief that it is no big deal. My dad is a driver and almost that age or more and he can still drive without having problems. So, I believe that this particular man can be able to drive without issues as long as he is ready to persist on his learning process.
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I think that it's very much possible to learn how to drive a car at any age as long as you are very well physically and mentally prepared for the car driving lesson.

I have seen older people that are above 65 still learn how to do drive cars and still mastered it perfectly. The same thing is equally said about younger fellows who still want to learn how to drive.

I have seen one individual who wouldn't be above 17 years old but he was very skilled in car driving. So, in my opinion age have nothing to do with learning how to drive cars and being able to drive cars as well. It's all a matter of mental willingness and psychological-physical courage to drive.

My father is well above the age of 65 and he still drives both his Nissan jeep and Toyota Avalon.
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Well,for me I don't usually attribute people abilities to age though age might be consider a big factor but I usually see it more on one inner abilities.Sometimes what a 12 years child can do a 16 years old might not even attempt and in the same vain what a 60 year old person may do a 20 years old child might find it very difficult. I have a distance uncle that still drives at age 77 now and infact he always have  renewed skills and dexerity in all he does even when the children feel he should rest and allows an employed driver comes in to help he declined.
So I will always believe we can do anything at any age.A 65 years can still drive perfectly.I have a cousin in his early 30s that is so scared of driving.So it isn't about the age but the person's abilities.
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Yes it could be related to his age and sensitivity to pick up. The sense of fear could actually be the reason for his not picking up since know that old people usually do things with much care in order not to destroy or spoil it. Elderly men or women always have this kind of suggestive characteristics.
What I can suggest is a patience and perseverance such that the man won't get it or pick up some day. Everyone will grow old someday and we might require same or different treatment.

However, you can always talk to the mab to pick up the courage and trust me he'll Pick. Some young people are not left out from similar slow pick up about ability. I've engaged in teaching a young youth of my age how to drive. We trained for 3weeks consecutively and you won believe that still he misses turtle for clutch. What I'm implying is, pick up ability ddiffers from human to human and also by age.
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When you are able to hear, see properly, walk straight without the help of a stick, and you are able to co-ordinate yourself without help, then you are in a good position to learn how to drive. Not forgetting the zeal to learn, you can do anything. At this age you cannot force someone to do something, but if the person has asked and is willing to put in the effort, why not! Am sure they will be able to learn faster than you think. It will take a lot of patience though before they get the hang of it. They are at the stage of life where everything is slow motion, there is really no hurry for anything. If you know you will be impatient do not start with them get someone who will walk with them to end, and someone who understands them. I have seen quite a number of oldies who are still driving in their old age, so it's no big deal. Things have been made easier nowadays with the automatic cars, they don't need to keep changing gears that will make things hard for them.

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