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Sex have both good and bad benefits but it's very important to take care of one's health first before any other thing is attended to which sex is among. 

When the heart disease is critical, it's better to keep sex one side and get better. 

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Apparently although people who have a heart condition worry about this, the risk of having a heart attack during sex is very small. However it is always a good idea to talk to a doctor about it and get a professional opinion and to voice any concerns you may have.

It's sensible to be cautious and only have sex if you are feeling well, for example it would not be a good idea if you had chest pains, but in the majority of cases it is quite safe and should not do any harm.
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Yes sex is good for patients suffering from heart diseases because its only a short time activity. In case a patient is having severe conditions like high blood pressure, its then advisable to restrain from sex and till that time they feel better.Despite of that its always good to talk with your doctor on matters concerning your heart and your sex life.
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Research has it that cardiovascular activities such as heart attack and chest pains often doesn't happen during sex. It is okay for People with heart conditions to have sex. However, if the the heart condition is unstable, it is better to refrain from sex, see a doctor a be stable before any sexual activity.

Sex overall is very good for the health. It states that men who engage in sex perhaps weekly halve their chances of developing heart conditions.
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It is obvious that sex has a lot to do with the human heart since it deals with raising of its heart beat just as it is with exercising. It might not be total abstenance from the act but it should be done with caution.
Basically the human heart is made up of muscles which requires great amount of force for it perform it primary functions, which is the pumping of blood. If this pumping of blood increase beyond normal level it could cause what is known as High Blood Pressure which could lead to death.
Let's take for example, someone that is suffering from heart problem engages in series of sexual intercourse, and the person's heart beat increases leading to high blood pressure. Well, the rest would be history for such a person.

And so it is not ideal for somebody suffering from heart disease to engage in marathonic rounds of sexual activities. It's better to seek the advise of a professional medical expert before considering doing so.
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The question is would any sickness stop the individual suffering from it to having sex as long as their sexual organs are still responsive and healthy when it comes to sexual intercourse? It's actually when someone or a patient is completely incapacitated by his or her illnesses that having sex would be absolutely impossible that sex would ruled out for such individual.

Now, when it comes to patients with heart disease, they have a delicate health problem and as such they should be very careful about the kind of activities they engage in because when the pressure of whatever they are doing takes too much toll on their diseased heart, it may cause them serious attack which might lead to immediate death. If they are going to have sex, they should do it with caution.
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Cardio vascular diseases are of different categories and severity, I have not heard nor read of any who died of heart attack while having sexual intercourse except it is done beyond because it is obvious that some one with  heart diseases won't be as strong as some one without any of such diseases.
It is not bad to have sex but the physician WI be in the best position to advise on the extent to which sexual activities can be done for such people because sexual intimacy required strength in the form of energy which can be optimally achieve by the effectiveness of the heart.
Honestly,  someone who is aged and has heart problem especially a man must be careful with sexual activities cos the chances of heart failure during intercourse will be higher.

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