There are many people who have degrees and other honorables in education but still lack a job. What will you do if you are offered a job which you completely do not have any skill for it? 
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It would actually depend if I can do the job or not. Some jobs don't require any skills yet they pay very well. I think for a start I would take the job if it pays well.
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True we have to be flexible and be ready for anything that comes before us. The important thing is to learn and little before we know, we would be better and perform even beyond expectations to those who have trained skills on the same. 
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Yes I would if the job comes with training and if I'm interested in that specific job. It's good to learn new things and skills. You never know where ull end up and in what situation . Like I got a job Ina variety store I didn't know I was going to cash I didn't want to but it was the only position available at the time so they would teach me and now I can cash like a pro.
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