If God created us then who created God ?
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God is not a thing or a person which could be created. He is the supreme power and the supreme source of everything. Nobody can describe how the god looks like or how it feels exactly to describe him. But he's that positive energy which can let you endure all the hardships of your life positively. Thus, i would like to say, God is not created by anyone or anything. He created himself and is creating everything.He is supreme and nobody can describe him completely.
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God is a being who existed since time immemorial not even during creation. He is all powerful, He is beyond human understanding. In the beginning there was word and the word was with God. You need to understand that He is beyond our understanding  just need to acknowledge that He is there. 
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ईश्वर कोई व्यक्ति नहीं है। यह विश्व की सर्वोच्च शक्ति है। वह किसी एक को नहीं देखता बल्कि सोच में रहता है। वह विश्वास में रहता है। वह दुनिया के बड़े निर्माता हैं। 

कुछ लोग भगवान पर विश्वास नहीं करते हैं। लेकिन भगवान निर्माता है। परमात्मा को कोई पैदा नहीं करता।

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God is the one who starts creating and the one who is the reason behind creation.FIrst one should mention the time where god doesnot exist in order to estimate the time of his came into being..IF not and ofcourse not,then it is understood that he is everlasting with no star and endpoint.
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God is not human being. He created human beinsgs. God is not a single man or woman. God appears in every human being when he helps to needy persons. 
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I humbly request -please bear with me, do read full or don’t at all(bcoz half knowledge may put u in trouble)

Isvara param Krishna


Anadir adir govinda

sarv karan karanam

Meaning: The supreme God head personality is Krishna, he has got truth-eternal and blissful form, he is the origin of all and he has no other origin, and he is the cause of all causes.

Though krishna is the supreme god head personality, but he has got impersonal ever and all pervading form too called braham (not Brahman, one who reads scriptures) , he has also got localized aspect , this localized aspect of Krishna is called parmatma . This is the reason different type of transcendentalists argue over the form of the god, bcoz he has got all the 3 aspects, but in absolute the supreme is personal called krishna.

back to ur questions:

No one created god, he is eternal. he was always and will always be there. God(parmatma),jivatma(soul),material creation and time are all eternal but karma is not. when one gets out of the cycle of birth and death he is said to have ended his karma( which is the cause of this material creation and repeated births). This material world has been created for us, it is sustained for some time and then annhiliated and again the same cycle repeats. Now again, u may ask when was this cycle started.

Ans: It was never started and it will never end. you must be wondering how is it possible, I know we love to judge everything based on intelligence, so listen to the scientific and factual answer.

Does a cycle have any beginning, where is the beginning of a sphere, where is the beginning of a circle, where is the beginning of the circumference of a circle or a wheel, where is the beginning of ocean and sea. they all have no beginnings and no end, they all are eternal. Their is no beginning of a cycle and no end. cycle don’t have any beginning and end.

This is called sanatan dharma, it has no beginning and no end. Accept this fact, don’t try to be super conscious , bcoz u can never be super conscious (bcoz it’s not in ur nature, just like u can never know what other person is thinking,no matter how hard u try. only a super conscious person or entity knows that ,bcoz it’s in his nature(as he is all pervading). u can be conscious but not super conscious). the only super conscious entity or person is krishna(god) himself. and, only he knows the beginning and end of all, but what has he said about beginning and end→ their is no beginning and their is no end. u were always there , u r there and shall always continue to exist. nothing can destroy u.

Super conscious entity or person who we call god can’t be comprehended by our imperfect senses. God is super conscious while we jivatmas can at max be conscious. now, you use ur head to answer: can a conscious soul ever comprehend a super conscious soul. No,never.

So, don’t waste ur time on comprehending what u can’t. don’t try to achieve what u can’t(which is super consciousness). Just accept the truth as it is. Don’t speculate.

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He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. For in him all things in heaven and on earth were created, things visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or powers. All things have created through him and for him. He himself is before all things, and in him all things hold together.
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