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It will be pretty cool.i think it does maybe not too dark blue.A sky blue color with it will do since it your kitchen not the living room

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These two color when combined make a very soft environment for a kitchen. When choosing the blue for your kitchen make sure it isn't really dark or too bold. You can always use the blue for your trim around the cabinets or even the wall.

There are many people who love to use a dark blue granite countertop, with a very pale blue trim around the doors of their cabinets. They will also ad the trim at the top and bottom of the walls in the kitchen. The light beige will brink out the countertops in the kitchen and make the kitchen stand out 

You could always switch this around a bit and use a cocoa brown countertop with a light beige trim around the cabinet doors in the kitchen. Use a very light powder blue on the walls to tie all this together with a beige that is a bit darker than the trim on the cabinet for the trim on your walls. This will make a nice looking kitchen.
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The sensation that passes these two colors are cool and calm. There are some ideas to use mixing of beige and blue in a kitchen. For example beige walls and table with blue cabinets and chairs. Using the beige for walls give illusion of bigger space and it 's appropriate for small kitchens. Blue kitchen cabinets make your kitchen cooler, luxury and relaxing. There are a lot of shades of blue: light blue make your kitchen bigger and cleaner, dark blue make it luxury and middle shades make it funny and fancy. When you select the shade of blue, the next step is mixing it with beige color to determine the overall look of your kitchen. Using beige accessories, table and chairs would be great. By the way the combination ideas are endless.
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Colors can be a very tricky issue. Given that we have ao many variations when it comes to colors. But i would say yes beige would work very well in the kitchen. Its a warm color and it will match well with the things in the kitchen. I think if it is mixed with chocolate brown that will hive it a perfect look. Maybe have the walls in beige and give a splash of the chocolate on the doors and cabinets, it will give it a kind 9f classy look. For me blue doesn't really work for me i would rather do blue in other rooms in the house. The kitchen works well with warm colors of yellows, creams and browns. Those are colors that are welcoming and brown in the kitchen just gives you that feeling of sweetness. Maybe that may not sound convincing but i love those combinations or maybe try out chocolate brown and light brown that can also work. The granite is also really nice.
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 Yes it can go together, even white and blue can together in the kitchen. Like for example the wall is color beige and the cabinets or drawers are color deep blue with beige inside. They are really feel more calm and relaxing and not over mixing color together.In our home we live in now,  we just renting here but I like the two tone color of the house. Deep blue and white. The walls are colored white and the cabinet, and drawers are colored and I can imagine as well if its in beige color. You must choose lighter beige not the deep color. I attached images here for you to see what I am trying to talk about. You can go with two toned color and just add neutral color with  like an oven white and black, gray blind curtain and of course you can't go wrong with deep maroon curtain.

on color curtain.

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