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Our biggest festivities evolve around religious occasions, irrespective of country, caste and creed. Does that mean we all believe in the existence of God, an entity we never have seen or felt even. Do you know why do you believe in God?
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Yes.101% You may laugh but he has sanctioned my prayers several times.
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Yes i believe in God even though i have never seen him in the physical, i have felt him in my life, in my situations he has been there for me. I have been in trouble before and God protected me, i say that because when i was in that situation there was nothing i would have done to get myself out of it, but it took he's divine intervention to get out. Those are the things that happen to you that you cannot explain, it could only mean that God did it. Why do you think people cry out to God when in trouble? They actually believe that he exists right? But because of their lack of knowledge or should i say faith, they find it hard to accept the fact that God actually exists and he lives within our hearts.

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I have a lots of factors to believe on GOD , Among of factors make me to believe on GOD is as follows :-

Born and Dearth of a human being - All humans being must path through born and finally died  and no one can escape this stapes, i believe in GOD because has a power to do each and everything at any time. is a GOD of all gods and his prayer
Presence of SUN  as a source of all Energy (power) under the sun , What i believe is that GOD create the sun for our survivor because if there is no SUN there is no life , the sun is there for long and one can count the time of sun from day one of creation other than prediction.

I believe on GOD because GOD give me what i deserve

The world is like a sphere and is hanging in air at a systematic rotation to produse solar systeam , And there is NO!  one more than GOD do this all , Is the only one create a solar systeam just for our LIFE.

Disease, physical disability, poor, Richest  etc  Make me believe and Trust on GOD
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Yes I believe in the one true God the creator of the universe and everything in it. History had tried explaining that human being evolved from homo sapiens then homo erectus. I find there explanation unrealistic because if the whole process of human being was evolving, why then can't we evolve to a better form of human being? Then when babies are born, why don't they undergo the whole process of evolution but born naturally like human being?

I believe in God because if it weren't for Him, then where did Death come from? Everything as written in the scriptures is real. I believe in the existence and the second coming of Jesus. Believing isn't easy but through faith everything is possible. As a good Christian, am always reading the Bible and avoid what people are saying against God. The existence of one true God is crucial to me.
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I do believe the GOD, the one who has created us, the earth and the whole universe. My knowledge made me more positive about the fact. The word itself is a evidence that GOD exist. Being a science student i do believe there is SOMEONE who has made all that happen the one who is the supreme commandar. People call it by any name any entity but still believe that there is some one. They might call it energy, Allah, bhagwan no doubt they all are pointing the one and only. 

As being a Muslim my science knowledge made the things more clear and prominent that GOD is there. 

According to my scriptures sent by the Allah most of the things, concepts and facts which are proved in this century are in scriptures mentioned more than 1400 years ago, who could have mentioned that?

For me the Allah is there the one and the only one  the creator, the manufacturer, the commandar... 
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I don't believe in God as he is described in the scriptures but I do believe in some higher being and I don't believe it is the end when we die. Neither of my parents were religious although I was baptized into the Church of England. I don't go to church and I don't feel guilty even though certain people have told me I will go to hell for it. Those sort of threats don't frighten me.

If I am judged when I leave this earth I hope it will be on the way I have conducted my life and not what I did or didn't believe in, how I have treated people along the way. I'm not perfect but I believe I am a good person. 

Some people say they don't need to feel or see the existence of God, they just know he exists and they are entitled to their beliefs but I don't feel the same way. The way I look at it there are several possibilities, that the bible is right and he exists, or perhaps there is no God but some kind of afterlife or maybe nothing at all and death really is the end.
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I believe in God, the Father Almighty. While I was growing up, I am a Catholic. I believe in God, Jesus, Mother Mary and the Holy Spirits. However, as I grow old, I learned that you only need to read the bible, read it with the deepest part of your heart so that you will able to understand it. I believe in God and he made everything, even beyond the Universe. There is a science, but there is no science that could create planets, biggest stars and every creatures but God. God exists. When I call him, he give me understanding. He gives me my miracles. Maybe I am not a strong believer of my religion but I have a strong relationship with God by having a strong faith in him. I talk to him all the time. I say everything all the time. He is my savior and I want to be with him in heaven to live for ever lasting. He is the only answer to all of my problems when I am about to give up. God is true and he is there all the time. 
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Yes, and everyone should. Because if there are negative powers in the universe then to balance that negativity some powers are positive in the form of GOD.  Because in this universe ghost, evil powers all exist so if the world is running continuously it means to balance the negative there is positive in the form of god. in the spiritual book like Geeta Quran also prove that there is a supernatural power that what is is called god everyone in the world whether he/she is spiritual or not must have to admit that what is energy is, if y get the answer then y will automatically get this also that God is existing or not
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I believe in God and I'm.convinced deeply that there's God, there's a super being looking over the affairs of all planets and not just the earth.The orderliness in the creation we have can't just happen out of void,a mighty hand was involved and is still involved still now.

I believe in the creator of heaven and earth even NASA have agreed now that there's a supreme being and anyone is free to give it any name be it God or a might force but the truth remains that we have a God and that's what truly matters.

Personally, I have a personal relationship with my God and he has always been there for me.All that I'm or all that I will have cometh from him.

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