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It just comes out naturally. You'll find that when you see or encounter something, you start getting some fever because a message is sent to your brain.You realise that you have different phobia from others.

At least everyone has phobia even those who call themselves tough guys. I hence don't think it will be normal for someone not to fear anything unless you lack something. Phobias develops when you encounter that thing/ creature/ condition for the first quite or maybe in very rare occasions.

I don't think there's any way in which we can fight phobias but I think some counselling might help. Also, when you encounter that phobia very often, you'll soon get used it and it will be over you.
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answered by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
To be honest, I am not aware of a phobia I have until it happens. It was an unforgettable experience that could kill me instantly. I remember before, I can ride an elevator freely. I have some difficulties when it comes to height, but one experience really terrified me. I never thought I am claustrophobic until I rode an elevator going to 31st floor. When it closed, I pressure of going up almost blow up my head. I panic because I know I cannot go outside easily because I need to push a button for a specific floor to open the door. I did it. I able to get out at 6th floor. I managed to use the elevator again to get down and I never ride an elevator ever again. I know I will going to faint once I am riding an elevator going to the highest floor. At present I can take up to 10th floor, but more than that, I cannot take the pressure and staying inside an elevator for more than 10 seconds will lead me to fainting. However, phobia is all in the mind. You just need to fight it back to let it gone.
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answered by ELITE (4,083 points) 7 26 72
I think most phobias are obvious, e.g. a fear of heights, spiders, open spaces, confined spaces and there is a name for every one of them if you google it. I suppose it's possible to feel anxious and afraid without knowing why but this would probably come under the head of general anxiety.

I am afraid of heights and I have no idea why, anything to do with being in a situation where there could be an accident such as flying or overlooking a precipice will have me feeling panicky. I suppose it's really a fear of dying because I can imagine that if a plane crashed or I fell from a great height it would mean certain death.

I'm not quite sure what you mean when you ask how you would know what phobia you have. Most people know what they are afraid of but perhaps you haven't experienced a phobia yet and are wondering what it feels like. It is a feeling of real fear and panic. It can make you light headed and you will be looking for a way to escape whatever you are afraid of.
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answered by ELITE (3,054 points) 8 36 66
I think phobia or the extreme and irrational fear that one feels towards something only manifests themselves when a person gets into the kind of situation that triggers it. We can't really know that we have phobia on something unless we feel it at that exact moment.

For instance, you are at a rooftop of a tall building. You look down below, and then you start to feel an intense fear to the point where you're already nauseous and panicky. You can't quite describe the feeling, and you don't know where that intense anxiety is coming from but something tells you that you need to get out of there. That's when you know you can't bear standing on the edge of tall buildings, because you're afraid of heights. Once you are aware of that, you'll do everything to get out of that situation or getaway from something that gives you the same feeling.
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answered by LEGEND (6,072 points) 7 22 49
Humans are designed in a such way that they should be able to tell those things that fighten them and those that are not. Same it is with those things we likes and dislikes. It is not something that one needs to be thought. It is natural feelings that enable man to sense his environment. The human senses not only help man in stimulation of impulses but also provide the necessary corresponding responses to mitigate their effects.

With the help of your senses you would be able to have perfect communication from your inner parts to your entire body what your phobia are. We have what is known as fright hormone called adrenaline. This hormone is released specifically during the moments of dangers. And it also helps us to fight or flight from approaching dangers.

Basically, you would be able tell what your phobia are when you respond frightfully to any kind of stimulus generated from your environment. And mindful you, we all have different fears for all kinds of phenomenon, it could be fear for height, fire, or water or any other thing that arouses fear in us.

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