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I read an article about micro-cheating and innocent friendships..that there's a thin line between them.

It says that [you] might be engaging to in micro-cheating if you secretly connect with other person on social media, if you share private jokes, if you downplay the seriousness of your relationship to your partner, or if you enter their name under a code in your phone..

What's your idea about it? 'Cause others would say that they kept it a secret or chose not to let their partners know because they know their partner will get avoid misunderstands, arguments, and all.

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I tend to imagine you're talking about "small lie" a lie that's not too serious. I don't think there's something like that. Even in the bible there's a mention of sins. A big lie and a small lie, but God says, a lie is a lie no matter how big or small it is. By big or small Iie I mean, there's no difference between someone who has cheated on his wife and someone who lied to her parents. The thing is they've both lied.

I hence think, if you should cheat, don't think that  your lie is mere because punishments will still be the same provided that you cheated. If its living a righteous life, then do so to avoid the penalty. 

That's according to my understanding, I don't think there's any other meaning of "micro" cheating but then am yet to know.
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I guess if it's a secret it isn't good but if it doesn't go any further than a few online jokes then it's not as bad as if you were dating someone in person. I personally would not like my partner to engage in an online relationship of this nature even if he told me. There is something not quite right about it.

I think the biggest issues for me would be the downplaying the seriousness of your relationship and using a secret code. Even if the two parties never meet there is an element of deception about it and would a person really want to do this if he was truly happy in a relationship?

If a relationship is casual then I think it is acceptable but if it is supposed to be serious then I think there is something rather underhand about it and shows that all is not well with their serious partner.
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I think that to an extent, this is right. I've always said that cheating is more than sex and affairs. If you as much as enjoy another person's company other than your partner's and you feel the need to keep a secret because it pricks your conscience, then it is cheating. I can support this by citing couples who are into celibate relationships. With them, there's no physical connection. Those little things that are often swept under the carpet are the things that keep the spark. So yes, sharing private jokes, and the sorts with the intention of keeping it secret is cheating to me. If there are no strings attached, I would bring it out and be open about it and then we can have a good laugh.
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I'm against all forms of cheating be it a micro or mini cheating it still boils down to not being trust worthy.Going by the literally meaning of being faithful which is what a relationship needs to   have I think micro cheating is still a sin.

If both partners begin to micro cheat then sooner or later such a relationship will be in the past.if it wasn't wrong why do partners hide to do that. Anything a partner isn't proud to do it before his or her partner means that the thing is absolutely wrong and there shouldn't be need of sugar coating it,when it wouldn't be palatable.

Micro cheating of  any kind shouldn't be encourage no matter how simple it looks or sounds.There's nothing like that and it shouldn't be encountered.

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