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A free will is free to give, you hve freedom to choose what do you want to eat, where do you want to go and who would like to marry with, that's freewill for me.

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Yes,there's something called freewill and it is what God has bestowed on mankind to use.One doesn't need to be forced or coerced to do anything good.

I have my own freewill to either choose the right way or not, do the right thing or not. This is all up to us to choose and this is exactly how it should be.

I have decided to be good without being force to do so, so I'm exercising my free will,one that have decided to do all the wrong things have made his or her choice the only thing that arises from this is the reward which is quite clear that sinners wouldn't live out half their years and there will be perpetual punishment for them.

So  basically freewill is being at liberty to make a choice about ones deeds whether to be good or not.
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I think there's such thing as free will. While others believe that free will is acting on your own personal volition as a human being to do good or bad, others believe that free will doesn't really exist because it must be not be predetermined and must not be influenced by past experiences.

In my opinion, free will can be exercised by acting on your tuition with no confines or restrictions of perhaps rules, society, religion or social standards. I think that acting on free will comes from conscience. I act when my conscience pricks me to do the right thing regardless whether it is socially accepted or not. For instance, if a helpless beggar steals from me, it would be my will to let them go and not report them even if I'm expected to do that.
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Do you want to exercise your free will? You can do that by training your subconscious mind. There are ways to train the subconscious mind. A lot of experts from ancient times had revealed that the greatest power that humans have to achieve their goals lies in their minds. The purpose applies to personal goals, career, business and so on.

As we know, the subconscious mind can affect most aspects of human life rather than its conscious mind. For this reason, the subconscious mind needs to be trained in such a way that it functions in a best possible way. By knowing how to train and use the power of the mind, humans will more easily reach their goals in life.
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God gave us free will. He is whispering to us what we need to do or what we should be doing about every situation but we use our Free Will because we are a human. Human being are prone to mistakes. Mistakes makes us learn something. Once we learn something, we will try to adjust and always remember what we learn. What we learn about are there for us to share to some people what it is , to warn them or to serves as an inspiration for them. If we will not follow our free will or use it, we will never learn by ourselves. God has his rules and we need to follow it for an ever lasting life in heaven, but he still gave us free will and decide for ourselves to realize the difference whether to keep on following our free will or to follow God's rule instead.
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Yes! There is. Free will does exist.We are left with the choice of exercising our free will every now and then. Most times we are at crosswords in choosing from two things like, where do I spend my next vacation? Paris or Toronto? What should I eat this evening? Yam and beans or rice and stew? These are some of the choices we are faced with to put to use our free will.
Free will sometimes could be exercised wrongly. For instance, you could be faced with a dilemma to choose between doing good or bad, if you opt for the good is reckoned positive use of one's free will but if you go for the bad that's negative exercising of free will.

Unfortunately, some people has misused or abused their free will by doing the wrong thing instead of the correct thing. Free will was not given to us to exercise it wrongly but to give us the option of choosing between two things.
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It depends on your definition of free will. To me, the term implies that an individual is in full control of his own choices and holds all or most of the responsibility for their circumstances and actions. But I don't think it's quite that simple. Would you attribute full responsibility to a baby or a young child? Probably not; they're too young to understand the ramifications of their actions. Pretty much everything they know and how they act is dictated by their parents, so they have no say in the matter until much later. But why am I talking about children? Because we know for a fact how much childhood affects people for the rest of their lives. One can easily spend decades untangling the emotional mess left by poor experiences during childhood, after all.

The point I'm trying to get across is that much of who you are depends on things you have absolutely no control over. Not just childhood experiences; your environment and genetics also play important roles in shaping your personality, abilities, identity, and all sorts of important things. Of course, it doesn't mean we don't have any moral responsibility at all. If there is such a thing as free will, then the way to exercise it is through personal accountability. You may not be fully responsible for who you are or what you do, but you are accountable for it. You've been given a bad hand, but now you have to play it. The tab is on you.

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It is very simple to practice our free will, you just have to do everything and anything you want to do. But there is a still a danger on doing it without any thought. You must have to think practically and logically before doing something we want to do, we should think whether it is right or wrong. For instance, the rules and policy of the office. Submitting to the rules of the company we are working is very necessary so we could not get fired, we cannot just simply disobey the rules that have been implemented because we have our own free will to do things we want to do. Though we could really disobey it, We should be prepared for what will happens next. It goes generally in all aspects of our lives, we could do anything and everything we want but then, we should also take responsibility for any possible things that will come after.
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