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My Best friend is a fearsome person and I want to play a prank with her by scaring her with a horrifying story at night out today.
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Hey Karishma, I would refer you an android application named "The Horror Story: 1k+ Haunted Scary Ghosts Stories". In this application, there are more than 1000+ short stories which will help you to play a prank with your friend. You will find many interesting stories in this app. Hope, this works for you!

The Horror Story: 1k+ Haunted Scary Ghosts Stories - App on Google Play Store

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I think you're not specific enough with your question. I gather that you're looking for a website or app that features scary story, but what I don't know is if you're looking to purchase a scary story and send to your friend or you're simply looking for a reference to a free story site. Another question is, are you looking for a short or regular story site?

For short stories, you can try visiting websites like "FIVE CHAPTERS, STORY, FLASH FICTION ONLINE, etc". All of these sites publish short stories on a daily, weekly and monthly bases. Their archives are jammed with hundreds of stories from different genres, and it's completely free to surf the websites. You can easily find what you're looking for there.

For regular stories on apps, you can try wattpad. This is a user base app with thousands of published stories. You can simply download the app, signin and participate in the story community by publishing stories or reading stories published by other people.

For more references or links to other story websites and apps, try visiting reddit. Reddit has a website and it's also available on app. It's more of a discussion forum and you can find questions and direct answers for your search subject.
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I don't really know any particular website which I can refer to you to search for scary and horrifying stories which you can use to play serious prank on your best friend. But, if you can lay your hands on some Halloween stories and even some Halloween crafts, I'm sure it's going to be very efficient and effective in scaring your best friend as long as you know how to set up such Halloween crafts.

A very good friend of mine used to play such scary pranks on me in the past with Halloween craft costume. There was a day he used a flying old witch to scare the living hell out of me as my spirit almost jumped out of my body that very day.
If using Halloween crafts costumes isn't enough, you can try looking up YouTube videos online and see what you can come up with.
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