I watch lots of YouTube videos on my Phone. Sharing that link to my PC is hectic task.
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Hey! There is an Android app named "Texfer: Free text Transfer Between Mobile Desktop".It is an application where you can send/ transfer your message/text/URL from PC to Mobile and Vice-Versa. It also allows you to bookmark your important URL's/messages. You should try it!

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If you are using an Android device and your computer has Windows 10 installed it is simple to configure both devices to link together. 

  1. You will need to start on your PC in Windows 10. 
  2. Go to your setting menu.
  3. Select your Android device.
  4. Add your phone to the menu.
  5. Enter the phone number of your device and hit the send key.
  6. You'll receive an SMS on your phone. Open the SMS and follow the link to install the Microsoft app on your device. If you've already installed the app on your device there is no need to do it again. 
  7. Now just open the share menu on your device, this will depend on if you're using Chrome or another web browser.
  8. Chrome is the easiest one to use. Open the browser and you'll see the share menu. 
  9. This should be activated and you'll see your phone and PC added there. 
  10. Now select your PC from the share menu.
  11. Now when you open web pages it will share them with your PC.
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