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Several years back I wanted to try writing books for children.  Becoming an author of children's books never happened for me.  Life got in the way.  But in the process of trying, I learned something about myself.  I love reading books for children.  Not reading books TO children.  I'm an adult and I love reading books written FOR children.  Especially fantasy picture books!  They are so amazing.  Neat little short stories with a moral lesson and amazing illustrations!  Going to the library, picking books off the shelves from the children and juvenile literature section, and taking them home to read is such a delightful treat!  Even though you're an adult, do you enjoy reading books written for children?


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Reading is a pleasure. So why not do it for children too?
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If I don't find it fun to read for my own children, who then would I find it satisfying to read to? My kids are my joy and I find it absolutely fascinating reading to them. 

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Yes, I definitely do! Writing has always been a passion for me also, but as you said yourself life gets in the way. One day I will release a book, I have so many ideas, but no time to actually dedicate to my own stories. I do write many stories for children as well, but as a freelance "job", but anyways, that is just something else.

I love reading fiction for kids or even teens. If you are also into this kind of book I highly recommend a book called Howl's moving castle, by Diane Whynne Jones (or something like that). It is my top top top favorite book for kids/teens. There is even a movie for this movie, perhaps you have already seen/read it.
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Thank you for your book recommendation.  I will keep it in mind.  Fortunately, my daughter is a reader and even if I don't have time to read she likes to tell me about the books she is reading.  I am thinking about trying to get my hands on audio books because my eyes are growing weaker.  Audio books are awesome!!
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Of course, reading or hearing good stories are always a pleasure.
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Not a single night would pass without my reading my kids bedtime stories in order to help them sleep well and peaceful at night. 
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Everything about children is self explanatory and passionate. While I was younger I admired little children, I spent time playing with them and watch them displayed their in built talent. It is necessary for every parent and prospective parents to read children books because it prepared toward good parenting.
Children books are full of stories,  poems, rhythms and puzzles and a parent or prospective parent if you read books like this it exposes you such that you comfort your child and also get him or her busy on relevant things,  like poems and puzzles.
Children books are very easy to read because the words used are as simple as possible, no need of dictionary. It also reflects how interesting childhood to every adult reading them. I strongly recommend everyone grown up person to read books for children
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Yes.  The recommendation should be a strong one.  Though he was talking about art, I have always appreciated this quote by Pablo Picasso:  "Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist when we grow up."

My application is:  As children we all have a heart of gold.  The problem is maintaining that purity and not tarnishing that gold when we grow up.

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Yes, I love reading books to my niece. It is so enjoyable both to me and her and we get to bond so well. She is an inquisitive child and whenever I am reading her the stories, she asks many questions.
Children's mind are so good at grasping things and reading them stories creates a good foundation for their learning. Also, it instills in them a good reading culture because they will desire to learn to read stories themselves .

Stories are also a good way to build character in a child. I usually elaborate to my niece the moral lesson behind all stories and I watch her put into practice what she learns. Moreover, most of the stories have an indicator of our cultures and children get to know about them.
Lastly, reading stories to children helps sharpen their wits. They get to know a solution to problems in life. Since they are just children, most of this things may not seem to make any sense but surely it does. Children are prepared to adulthood and when they are there, they will always remember the principles the learnt in their childhood and that helps them in life.
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I agree with everything that you've said.  Reading opens up the world for children and can help them develop survival skills.  We always had lots of books in the home I grew up in and I tried to keep books on hand and take my kids to the public library.
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I like to read books for children. I find it interesting and fascinating and often times it takes me to this world of imagination and possibilities. I imagine myself in the mind of a child and it feels epic. Children's books allow for the imagination of the child to go far beyond with possibilities. I remember reading almost all of the series of Enid Blytons children's books. Story after story kept me excited till the end. I always get teased by other adults for reading children books, watching children movies, cartoons and animation. At least when I have kids, I came be at one with them and we can all experience the thrill together. What greater pleasure could there be?
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Yes.  Children's books are a delightful escape from our stress-filled world.  They take you on wonder-filled adventure.  From stress-filled to wonder-filled.  What a great pleasure indeed!
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I do all the time for my kids, children loved to have one read to them.especially if it a story book then you would have really made their day.

The last one we are yet to finished is the "Mouse Paradise' a little story book that centers around the mouse and other little creatures that tries to take away mouse good life from him,but it like mouse is aware of their schemes and making everything possible not to fall into their trap.

I will recommend this book to parents with kids around the ages of 4-7 years it will really make a good read for them.The story isn't just entertaining but  educating too. The kids are enjoying as I read  read for them.
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Yes. I like to read books for children. In fact, I enjoy it. And there are many reasons as to why I like reading books for children. One reason is that I am a vociferous reader since childhood. In my child hood, that is during my school days, my mother used to read the serials in magazines and we all used to listen with rapt attention.

Now, coming to the point of reading books or stories for children, I like it because while doing so, we ourselves go to our childhood days that brings back those bygone sweet days to our mind which is really thrilling. And when we read for children, the questions they ask are also interesting and encouraging.
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Oh yes!  You pointed out an excellent reason to read.  Because it takes you back and brings back the joyful times of those days of innocence.
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Yes. And who can forget those beautiful days of innocence and carefree life? At least, I cannot.
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Yes I like reading short stories because am always lazy when it comes to reading novels containing more than 300 pages. I mostly like the trickster stories because they're somehow twisted in a way you cannot easily predict what will happen in the long last. The only problem with those trickster stories is that most of them contain animals yet am not such a great fan of animals.

Also, am a great fan of the kidnapping stories and how those characters emerged from that situation. The good thing with kids novels is that they're short and I can emerge to read several of them within a short time. What fascinates me mostly are those that are series like. These one's will give you the urge of wanting to know what happened next.
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One of my kids really enjoyed mystery stories.  My husband tells me that the first book he remembers reading was "Kidnapped" by Robert Louis Stevenson.  I like short books because I don't have much patience to get to The End.
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Yes I do.  My interest was renewed when I took on custody of my granddaughter at the age of 4. She brought new life into my home and many story books. I think my favourite book was The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and my granddaughter loved it too. When she went on to stories suitable for older children I found myself wistfully looking through some of the books she had been bought and given as a tiny girl. I loved the illustrations and the fantasy world it took me to. I still have many of them now as I can't bring myself to throw them away or even to give them to someone else.

She's 11 now and still likes me to read to her sometimes although she can read perfectly well herself and the strange thing is she will always choose something I read to her when she was very young. I think somewhere deep down there is a child in all of us.
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Oh how I love the illustrations.  I also like it when the kids learn to read for themselves.  That's a significant milestone in their lives.  In fact, just a bit of trivia:  They were giving Sean Connery (the real James Bond IMHO) honors at an awards program and I distinctly remember him saying that, as a child, his entire life changed when he learned how to read.  In America we have a non-profit children's literacy organization that is called Reading is Fundamental, Inc.  It was established in 1966.  From the moment I heard the expression and its abbreviation "RIF", I never forgot what it was for.  Over 50 years later and it's significance and importance are burned into my psyche.

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If I will be given a chance, I want to read books for children. I want to see how their brains moving because they start to imagine what I am reading. I love to see a sparkling eyes and the excitement on their faces. I read books for preparatory schools before and I love what I see. The kids were all excited and they want me to read another session for them. It never happens because it was just a trial reading for them and some local agency failed to support the project. I only read for my nephews now and I think he is not interested in reading but in playing. Right now I love to try to read for kids. I love the way they look at me, I am imagining that they are now in an adventure together with the story with my reading. Reading is like exploring different world by words.
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Yes. I do like to read books written for children. I even watch movies that are for children. I think there is something special about how these books and movies were made, as they will take to into this different kind of world and make you want to dream again. It brings back childhood memories that I often miss. More importantly, it teaches us lessons that life sometimes makes us forget.

Apart from this, I also like reading books to children. Their expressions are so genuine, and you'll really get to see how attached they are into the stories and how curious they are into finding the truth. I mean, there's nothing more like being able to devote your time into something that you know will bear good outcomes.

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