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Marriage is an institution that has no perfect tutor but only God,  it is the desire that every married couple have successful marriage but certain circumstances do cause break up or failure in marriage. What do you refer to as a successful marriage and how can it be achieved? 
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The only perfect way to have successful marriage is by turning a blind eye to one's half shortcomings. Just practice love is blind and understand that with true love any obstacle can be conquered.

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Marriage is an institution in which partners in it must continue to learn about themselves to make it better,nothing in life ever come easy and definitely not marriage if a marrisge should be successful then a bit of hard should be put in place.

To have a successful marrisge there's must be openness by both partners,faithfulness, love sharing everything in common,looking out for one another success, keeping malice and rancour away.

In marrisge third party must be far away from the marrisge if there's any dispute then it should be sorted out by the couples in the marrisge. No external advice should supersede the advice's that will be given to one another in the marriage.

Marriage is hard work, everyone should at it.
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Being married "on paper" is not necessary to live well with one another. Many people believe that saying they will be together forever before a priest will make their marriage work out. Oh, is this ever a big lie! Living with another person (even when we live with our parents) is very hard. Having a husband or a wife is about understanding, making decisions together, helping one another and being understanding. I think the best tip is to treat the other the exact way that you would like to be treated and saying I AM SORRY when you clearly were mean or did something not pleasant to the other person. Promises, love forever, smiles, beautiful bodies, all these things go away. The most important thing is to be partners and help each other throughout life. People do not even need to be married to be that way.
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First and most important is to keep God first. Marriage was ordered by God and He's the only one who can protect them. A marriage built with God's love last longer and is always happy unlike the one built on human love. With God's trust your family will always be happy and you'll be blessed with kids as gift from God.

Secondly, both the man and the woman should practice faithfulness at all costs. This is what normally that causes marriages to break. If both of them stick to each other and always submissive then no incidences of unfaithful will ever be heard.

Finally,respect. This is a very crucial component in any kind of relationship dealing with men and women. It doesn't cost anything but it's very important to respect each other. Without respect then your marriage is nothing.
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I'm not married but still I know that marriage is not an easy deal. I can tell from my parents experience and that of other people's. What I've come understand is that marriage needs honesty and respect. There needs to be transparency like that of a glass and the truth must be told no matter how bitter. Nothing is better left unsaid in marriage. Being completely open ensures trust in whatever situation and third part would have no place.
Making your partner your best friend, understanding that no one is perfect, having a forgiving heart, ability to tolerate and be patient and giving exactly the same kind of love you desire are ways to make marriage successful. You can only always try your best.
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These are facts,  though the qualities mentioned here are some times difficult to achieved fully cos we are human but the moment you have good home management skills within the both of you. Your union will be a trend to follow. 
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You are right. That's why I've always preached understanding. If you know the kind of person tour partner is, it definitely helps to make other things easier. 
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By saying 'successful marriage', I think you mean successful in relationship as husband and wife. If it is so, the first and the foremost, for any relationship to be successful and long enduring, understanding each other is very important and this is more so in the case of marriage, where a relationship is formed for a life.
When I say, 'understanding each other', it means a lot. We are all unique in our own way. Every one of us have our own likes and dislikes as well as needs and wants. Therefore, in a marriage, both husband  and wife should learn to respect each other's views, likes etc. This basic understanding between husband and wife will only help you to lead a successful life.
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Marriage requires a lot of hard work once the 'honeymoon' period is over. If a couple haven't lived together before they married then they might find it hard to adjust to getting used to each other. This doesn't mean that it can't happen though. just that they have to make comprises.

My parents divorced after 24 years of marriage. They did not want to split up while my sister and I were young and I am grateful for that because we didn't have a bad childhood and spent many happy years with our parents who kept us safe and protected us.

My dad  remarried and was very happy in his second marriage until the day he died. Sometimes it does take more than one try to get it right but isn't that better than staying in a marriage where both parties are unhappy?

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