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Lately have been sleep talking too much. Almost the whole of this month and I do sleep talk like twice a week. How can I prevent that ??
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Sleep talking is often caused by over tiredness. By trying to rest sufficiently is your best bet for remedy.
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I notice my partner if he is overtired, he will talk a lot while asleep, and also sometimes, if he is watching movies, he will dream of it and I can hear him shouting.

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Stress and insufficient sleep are the two common triggers of sleep talking. It can happen to anyone at anytime. And although it appears to be more common in children, it can also be something one develops in adulthood. Studies also revealed that sleep talking may be hereditary. So if your parents or other family members have experienced this, then it is highly likely that you'll develop this kind of sleep disorder.

Sleep talkers are suggested to avoid thinking too much, as this reduces the physical and emotional stress that may be associated to sleep talking. It may also be helpful if you will record your sleeping patterns just so you'll be able to monitor or adjust your daily routine. More importantly, you should make it a point to get enough sleep.

Although it is not a serious medical condition, sleep talkers are also most likely to develop sleep walking disorder and sleep apnea. Hence, it would be best to consult a specialist if this happens to you very often.
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According to studies, sleep talking also know Somniloquy could be caused some factors. They could include, stress and anxiety, fever, medication, substance abuse and could be as a result of other parasomnia(abnormal behavior while sleeping) like sleep walking. Sleep talking is not known to be a medical condition and it is very common especially in children.
You can see a sleep specialist for it especially if it is something you developed in adulthood. You should also avoid stress and anxiety, drinking alcohol,eating very late at night and be sure to get enough sleep. Some specialist suggest you have a sleep diary That records your pattern before and after sleep. This can help to rule out some factors that could cause sleep talking.
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My granddaughter has always shouted in her sleep and it has always sounded angry. She never remembers it and I have always put it down to the fact she has had a tough start in life and it is her brain's way of sorting out any negative feelings she may feel. She is a happy child during waking hours and although she can get angry it is no worse than any other child of her age. I have read that 50% of sleep talkers are children and they usually outgrow it by puberty.

Sleep talking can be genetic although as far as I am aware no one in our family has done this. I remember my sister sleep walking a couple of times when she was younger but she had outgrown it by adulthood. It doesn't usually need any medical intervention although I will definitely keep an eye on my granddaughter to make sure it doesn't continue into adult life.

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