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The two for me has different approach, when someone says believe me, you have to believe what they say but you can't trust that someone of what he says. 

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Believing is something much simpler than trust. When I believe a person I can believe a fact that he or she said at the time, even though I might not necessarily trust the person. I believe a fact but I do not necessarily trust the person. Of course the meanings of these two words are usually mixed up on our daily lives, but they are completely different words. Trust is much stronger, when you believe the person and completely think that person is honest etc etc, than it becomes trust. You can believe in any isolated fact or thing, but you usually don't trust as many people. You can also check dictionaries such as merriam webster and oxford for a complete book like definition if you still have doubts. Hope I helped.
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These two words mean different things to different people and I will give me opinion based on my belief.

Believe is the act of acknowledging a thing even if there seem not to be real.Agreeing to a thing even before it manifest. Seeing a thing as already in existence before it comes to reality,it's kind of deep conviction that one doesn't want to give room to doubt and just look forward to see it happen.

Trust on the other hands,is believing in a thing without any iota of doubt, one is convinced beyond measures and not just hoping for the best but is already sure that whatever it is ,is certainly reliable. These two goes hand in hand. If one believe in something then trusting or trust for that thing is sure.
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Based on how I see it, Believe is like having hope for something even without conviction. A positive thinking towards possibility of happenings or reality. Believe might not come from personal experience but from testimonies of similar occurrences and so you'd have faith. Like when I believe I'll be paid by Answeree because I've seen others get paid.

Trust whereas is confidence in something with conviction,It is to know for sure about the possibility of something.Conviction possibly from personal and other people's past experiences. I think that these two terms are Sometimes used interchangeably and could sometimes mean the same thing when used in different contexts. For instance " I believe you can do it" and "I trust you can do it."
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For me believing is literally believing in the words other are saying. Sometimes there are some instances that there are story to be shared, you easily believe it when someone talks about the story over and over. There are times when you know a good reputation of a certain individual that they shared something, you believe it immediately. However, trust is something deeper. Even if you have heard the story just now, if someone you trust shared it, you will believe it. You already build a good relationship with someone you trust that you believe them easily. You can believe anyone but it is much deeper if it comes to people you trust. You care to whatever you say and you keep that when it is needed to keep. Believing is to accept what is true but trust is like relying on what it is true.
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What a wonderful question you've asked. Believe is a verb, meaning accept that something is true, especially without is however possible to believe someone but not trust them until they earn your trust. So trust is an act of reliance based on accepting something to be true.
Also, when you fully believe in a person's words or actions, you generally place your faith in them. Believe is used to show one's acceptance to another words. Trust is used to demonstrate reliance on the other's overall character. Both of the statement, I don't believe him and I don't trust him are correct, depending on the degree of faith you are having or giving to him.

Do in a simple term, you trust someone or something meaning that you rely on them and want to believe in ther

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