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I would recommend making use of HP laptops. Most of my friends who are mechanical engineers are using HP laptop and it's serving them well.

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There are a lot of good laptops on the market today. I personally like Lenovo, ACER, MSI, and Toshiba. These are my top 4 choices in a laptop. I have been researching laptops with my grandson because he wanted a new one. He asked me to help him out because I work in Informatique and he trusted my opinion on what one to buy. We found some really good deals on laptops but there is one you should never get. If you are looking for a good model stay away from the Chrom Book. This one is a great laptop but you are limited as to what you can do with it. You won't be able to add any of your own programs to this.
In the end, we did settle on a nice Lenovo computer for him. This one came with 16GB of memory, a 1 Terra HDD and a 512 SSD in the computer. It had one of the tops of the line graphic cards in the computer which he was looking for because he wanted to add games to the laptop. For you, this one would be perfect to have an enhanced graphics card for the work you want to do.
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