Why are people inclined to live in urban areas rather than in rural areas? - Answeree
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I like to love in rural are but not too far away from urban. I can find peace and I love nature.

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It is only logical for people to want to live in urban areas than rural areas. As the name implies, urban areas are urbanized and packed with all the benefits of development. There is a very high concentration of basic amenities Like schools, hospitals and other social facilities. So you find that companies and industries like to be cited in urban places because of the population and growth It will bring them.

Rural areas in the other hand lack some of those amenities hence people relocate to urban areas in search of better opportunities in life. There's a settlement down north around here where there isn't a single bank. The people have to travel miles and pay extra just to have access to banking services. If you ask me, I wouldn't want to live in such a place. Although rural settlements have their benefits like the serene less toxic environment, cheaper standard of living etc.
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Thank you for this answer. It seemed evident that you had first hand experiences on this issue. However, what can you say about the urban poor crisis?
When more and more people move to urban areas. The areas become densely populated and the amenities become insufficient. There's now increase in slum areas, degradation of standard of living due to influx of people seeking better opportunities When these areas are already saturated and cannot hold more. There's water shortage, low grade public schools and congestion. 

In the bid to relocate to urban areas like in my city, there's urban sprawl from the main city to the satellite areas. The population is now spreading and reshuffling so much so that it is now a thinner line between the cities. 
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People will always continue to move to the urban areas for greener pastures and the good life the urban areas have to offer.

The most advantage of the urban areas is the abundance of  job opportunities ranging from blue color jobs to the white collar jobs and even unskilled labour is well paying in urban areas than in the rural areas.

Social amenities are readily available in the Urban's areas.There are good portable water,electricity, good roads and well equipped hospital and clinics with good qualified doctors to attend to the needs of all sick people.

Life is a lot easy in the urban areas than in the rural areas where people that resides there are predominantly peasant farmers with little or no exposure to how things work around the world.So people will want to move to where the grass is greener.
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Thank you for your answer. Although, I have a follow-up question. 

If more and more people move in the urban areas, what problems to you think it will pose in the future? As you mentioned, most people that reside in the rural areas are farmers; hence, they supply the resources that the urban residents require in their daily lives.
This will lead to shortage of natural food,congestion of the urban areas, limited resources to go for everyone and underdevelopment of the rural areas.
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Very simple. Throughout the world, cities (urban areas) grow fast than the villages (rural areas) due to various reasons mainly due to the Government policies and the industrialists willing to invest only in urban areas than rural areas, thus creating more job opportunities  in the bargain.  It is because,  industrialists and multinational companies expect quick return on the money  invested.

Therefore, when urban areas quickly offer a lot of job opportunities, it is but quite natural that all educated men and woman flock to cities and other rural areas. As otherwise, having finished their education and obtained a degree too, what can they do sitting in villages? After all, it is necessary to earn something too, to sustain your  life.
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Rural areas are in province. Some are living in urban areas because this is where they can find a job and support themselves and their family. It is where they can find some place near to work. They will sacrifice with everything like traffic, the stress from different types of people, stress from work and stress from something you are needed to give but you can't give it all. Urban is a city. Some people are dreaming to be living in a city where they can see the skycrapper, the tallest building, the business city, the network of people, the networks of ideas, they think living in Urban is the 'thing' that can save them but I don't think so. Also in Urban, there are internet connection, the way to modern life and to experience lots of things.
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The enviromental difference, job opportunities, comfortability. Also the social standard in urban areas cannot be compared to rural. Also we have standard social amenities, public halls, facilities, good modern houses, electricitiy availability, good transportation than that of rural.
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