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Love each other to have peaceful harmony, it's nice that someone loves us ut, we have to give love too.

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That's human for you,always self centered and selfish they want everything for themselves but sometimes never reciprocal.

Humans a lot of times forget that life operate on the principle of give and take and to get everything going right almost all gestures must be reciprocated.

People are lovers of self as recorded in the bible.Most people are in a relationship for what they can get from their partner, it always about me and it seem all one  sided.One person will provide love,money, Care, patience,peace and what nots in the relationship and the other person brings nothing to the table apart being a leech and sucking the other partner dry psychologically,emotionally, financially and otherwise.

I don't only love but be loved should be balanced that way.
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Human nature has always been that of fulfilling needs, wants, and desires. The first instinct that a human has is to always take care of themselves and be comfortable. In this light, most people want to be loved and cared for. They forget that the only way it can happen is by giving out the same affection to others.
Everyone needs to be loved .So if someone is loving you right, you need to love them back. That is how we create a balance. It is only natural for people to expect love from you in return. If you can't love them back, let them go, it causes and imbalance in the system of energy. This life is give and take. We can even see this with our environment. We've taken so much without any care for it. Now it threatens our survival.
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This just manifests that humans are inherently selfish. We tend to put ourselves first before others. Hence, we want to feel loved and cared for. We often fail to realize that by giving comes receiving. But that doesn't mean that we only love with the expectation of being loved back because truly love means loving without expectations and demands.

However, I do think that we have also been in situations where we are the ones who devote so much love. And this, in turn, makes us better realize how we should act on situations when we are the ones at the receiving end. Remember that how we treat others reflects how we are as a person. And for true love to happen, this should be nurtured with mutual care, respect, and understanding.
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The answer is not far fetched. This is solely attributed to the selfish nature of man. It is not surprising to see people are more lover of themselves than the lover of others. We humans are takers of love rather than the giver of it. All what we think about whenever we find ourselves in relationship, is what do i stand to gain from it? And if the relationship is not going as expected they become disgruntled and the next line of action for them is to opt out from it.

Sadly, this ugly trend in wanting to be loved inordinately in relationship is the reason why there has never be a time in human history that break ups and divorces are on the high side than as it is today. Everyone is going into relationship with much expectations of self desires. That is why they are always wanting to be loved rather than the one loving the other unconditionally.
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I don't know if this is strictly true not for myself. anyway.  Certainly I love being loved but I also like returning it not just in a romantic way but with my family too. I would have to have a very hard heart not to be able to love someone like my little granddaughter and she returns my love ten fold.

I'm sure there are people who are not able to return love for one reason or another. Maybe they had a bad childhood and did not learn how to love or maybe life has dealt them a bad hand in other ways and they feel bitter but in general I don't think there are many people who can say they have never loved anyone at all.

It is hard to love someone who does not love you back and I have been in that situation but I have now met someone who cares about me as much as I do him;  I don't think I would be able to stay in the relationship if it was one sided.
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answered by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
Some needs to be loved because they are tired of loving someone. They have been through with life that they had given everything to the person they love before. it is a big tiring if you are the only one loving a person and to make it worst, some people fool them that they cannot forgive them at all. I think there is always a reason but that is a different case with other people who just too selfish for love. They just want to be loved and loving someone is too much work for them. They cannot be independent so they need someone to be happy. To be loved and to love someone should happen in one relationship. It should happen for love is the greatest gift God gave to us that is why we need to share love and we need to give true love. Love should be given and should be received as well.
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answered by ELITE (3,548 points) 4 24 91
The truth of the matter is that everyone prefers to be the one on the end of receiving love and affection rather than the one who actually is giving the love, care and attention to another. The reason for this is that most people are very selfish down to their very soul and it's obviously easier to receive love, care and affection than to give it.

In life from my little experience, we all desire to be treated like kings and queen while in any kind of relationship. This is a actually why some people would term it that they have heartbroken the moment they are getting the love, care and affection as well as support they looked forward to having from their partners in their relationship. It's not easy to love because it comes with huge responsibility and it's why some people shy away from it.
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answered by ELITE (3,008 points) 4 13 28
This is simply the way the lives that we live are evolving. I believe that we have come to that point where we should change the way that we think when it comes to love. The same thing is what happens when we are trying to get the attention of others. That is the reason you see people that complain that friends don't call them, but at the same time, they have not picked up their phones to reach out to those people.

When we are talking about love, we should always be candidates of love which simply mean that we should be able to show love to others without even expecting so much from them. I mean it is much more better when we behave in this kind of situation than always expecting to be loved first.

Another thing is for us to always cherish those that love us as well. For these people to sacrifice one thing or another in order to love us shows that they hold us in high esteem and for that reason, we should appreciate those feelings as well.
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Succinctly, the world we are leaving today is actually filled or full of selfishness and acute sentiment. It is imperative that many people actually want to be loved and cared for but wouldn't want to reciprocate it.
Over time, I've studied and weighed between men and women to ascertain which amongst wish to earn love than give. Sincerely it is the ladies!.

A lot of ladies wish for their men to work round the clock and at the end spend the earning on them with9ut them contributing immensely to his life.

Though. Am ain't saying men too don't get selfish when it comes to show of love. But ladies should try to balance it all not until when it cones to desperation to marry.

Love is more balance whehn both party share a sincere love.
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In the early years people were more comfortable with the kind of lives they were living,  their desired were limited, their taste were limited,  they were after little wealth for immediate satisfaction and the level of selfish interest was insignificant.
In the world of today many are ready to suck you to dry by tapping all that is necessary from and one they have it they become uncontrollable,  ingrate and turn out to be your major contenders.
In most house holds today you will husband and wife competing instead of living for better,  they stylishly dodge responsibility of parenthood especially financially  because of their own personal interested .
it is better to be independent because the world we are in now majority are willing to get from you but are not willing to give others.

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