Are there tents that I can hire for my wedding?
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Are you looking to keep your guests safe from the unpredicted elements while attending your outdoor wedding? If so, then you should reach out to Affinity Events, one of South Africa's leading event management companies, where you can also find a wide variety of tents in different shapes and sizes to accommodate your wedding. For more information, simply visit
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I am sure there are some tents that a venue can render its service. It can be included in your rental expenses. Why not ask the venue for these tents?
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Yes there are very many companies that have emerged nowadays providing these services.

There are range of different sizes, shapes, colours and all sorts.

The charging fees depends on the sizes and the companies rendering those services 
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This will depend on where you come from. In many countries weddings are performed in the churches and we do not need tents for such occasion, elsewhere weddings are performed in Temples and we don't need tents, but in some places in Africa, weddings are performed in homes, hotels so there will be the possibility of renting tents and chairs for your guests. In Africa some people's business is to rent out tents and chairs, so if you need them for a special occasion you can rent them there.
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Event planners are a good source to get tents, tents are very nice stuff to use during weddings, it beautifies your wedding and gives you a memorable wedding.
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