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I try to keep my fear of death away and I have at the back of my mind that death is inevitable and that as a mere mortal I will die one day and I should concentrate on enjoying my life and living well.There's absolutely nothing we are can do about this and I know it totally out of my reach to live forever so I hardly dwell on that.

Death will come calling when it will and no two ways about it.So the best bet is to live to forget about when you will die and think of living more productive and enjoyable life that way when death come calling one wouldn't regret anything.

I personally plan to live comfortably and bless people people around me too.
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I will not say that I will give you something that could control it, but I will give you some advises. Death happens to everyone. If there are people getting born everyday, the universe should balance everything, there will be deaths as well. That is the reality. Every has the start and the end. No one can live forever. No one can exists forever. It only differs by age, cause and situation of death, but all are getting there. You are not alone of feeling that way. I fear death too. I fear dying but not the death exactly. I fear of what will happen to my family when I die and I fear of what will happen to me when I die. Instead of entertaining the fear, since our life is short, why not spend time with your family and do things that makes matters so that you can spend your short time on earth. Why not think about your dreams and plan to make it happen so that you forget about the fear of death.
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This is a very tricky question. Personally, am always reading the Bible in case of such weird thoughts. There are several books which talk about death. Besides I always consult myself that death is a journey which everyone must follow. When you make this assumption trust me, the thoughts will get off your mind.

On the other hand,  I believe in the saying, 'make hay as the sun shines'. At the moment you're alive, live life to the fullest and don't let thoughts of death disturb you. If it's living a righteous life, then do so, if is living a party life, then do so. In the long run, you won't be available during your death but only your body neither you won't feel any pain during the death.

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