I want to know how many terms or how many years does the President of America serves the Nation.
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A US president can serve two four year terms (eight years) but he can serve ten years or less if he has served as an acting president for any reason
Since US run democratic system of government, it is normal their president would spend four years for the first tenure he was elected. And if reelected for the second tenure, he would also spend another four years, which makes it eight years in total the president would have to spend in the office.

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According to the 22nd amendment to the US constitution An American president is to served for 10 years and that's the limit.The individual can be elected into office for two full terms which is 8 years but if such person was elected through the order of succession then the person is entitled to an additional 2 years which brings it to 10 years maximum.

An American president can:t go in a third time.This constitution was outlined since Feb, 27,1951, it was concluded all individuals going in for presidency can be served for just 2 terms

I think this is what most country adapts even my country has same duration for any elected President. So one should try to accomplished all that he or she can within that time frame. .
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