What should the parents have to do if a son is doing something harm to his wife and kid. Whether a good parents should support him or make him to understand that what he is doing is wrong? Tell him to look after his family and make him understand there will his wife and kids in old age to look after?
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Since the son and parents are behind the money , they will not teach the son that what they are doing is wrong. Teach the sin at least what is most valuable for a women. Take care and protect a wife, not to throw her out of house at night. Did he will do it to his mother?
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If I were the parent, then I would talk to him. It is not fine to let bad things happening to his wife. Being a parent is still takes his or her role in giving advice to him or her.
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As for me it is an obligation for a parents to guide and reminds their children even if they are already married. A father should be a family man bears a good testimony towards family,friend and relatives to comfort and love family members instead of harming them.
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The parents are still parents even though their son is already married. The parents should still give advice to their son because it's their duty to share good things to their siblings
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I am not a supporter of evil things, even if the son is so wealthy that money is pouring, as his parent i would not support him, i would tell him what he is doing is wrong.
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