What is a convenient yet effective method of marketing my business?
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Are you looking to get your branding in the eyes of potential clients, but wanting to do so with subtlety? If so, then you may want to consider getting your brand printed on a select range of water bottles, with help from Go Branded Water. For more information, visit www.gobrandedwater.com 

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Go branded is good way of promoting products online, and i think goods can be sold faster also
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The effective and most convenient method is email marketing,  because most of the person read every mail and if you send marketing material or any new product sales link via email so that it will convert easily and genrate higher revenue .

I used this method and genrate 100$ in every month.
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Emails also is another nice way of promoting a product online, because it is used by every body.
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At this point in time, it is best to do it through online. I did some marketing online by spreading the link of my shop online on social medias, such as Facebook.
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Hi your looking for the best way which is SEO marketing your business online & this the best website that talk about all the different why of marketing that going to blow your mind of how many are & this site is old and if you ask their people well help you (www.blackhatworld.com).
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best way is to get some youtuber talk about your busisness because i at least every time check the game or something if my fauvorite youtuber talk about it and second is email marketing almost every people read every email.
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I think this depends on where your market is or what platforms they go to, what platforms they trust. Market research always helps with this. In my personal experience, social media is a good platform if you know what your audience wants. In my previous job, we tried Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. We got more engagements on Facebook, so it was logical to put more effort there than on other platforms. 
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The number one method you should do to promote products is to sell those items to your friends. When they buy, ask them for a review in order for you to figure out what is wrong and what is your advantage among others.
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