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There was a time when I just wanted to have just one child but I later changed my mind and had only 3 kids. 
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I think three is still okay for a family,I think people are no longer going for a large family now.
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I think two childs are best for a good family. More than two children not best choice for healthy family.

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Fundamentally only God knows the number of kids we are destined to have but as humans we always have wishes which in my opinion is not bad.
There are certain factors that some people or majority consider before determining the number of kids they wish to have.
The financial strength of the family,  this is very important because it is very good to give your kid or kids the best that they will always remember you for when they grow up,  personally if I have more money i will like to have up to kids, more kids have bigger advantages if you are able to cater for them very well.
The age factor, if the lady get married at a late age she may not be able to give birth to more kids because of menopause stage and the danger in late age pregnancy.
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I totally agree with you that sometimes having more kids is good that's only we can cater for them. 
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We all have our individual preferences when it comes to the number of children we would want our family to have, some people are more comfortable living with a big family number while some are more comfortable when it's only a few people living in the same house as a family.
Personally, I don't like to have my house being too crowded with children which is why I prefer it when it's only a maximum of five family members that would live in my family. This is because I don't feel at peace with having too many people around. It suffocates me so much and it's the reason why I prefer having a small family. It's not about being able to take care of a larger family but it's about what I'm comfortable living with.
I have seen some family where they have 12 children.
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That's the whole essence being able to have the number of kids one is able to cater for will be bliss than having numbers that one become uncomfortable with. 
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I think every couple has an ideal number of kids that they desire. They can usually come to an agreement. Having said that, it sometimes doesn't turn out as planned. There were times when couples weren't practicing birth control methods and they had more children than they really wanted and more than they could cater for.

I've also seen many situations were couples have it all planned out with their kids and then something fatal happens. They loose one, two or even all. Fate makes them to start painfully all over again.

So I think that it is one thing to have an ideal number of kids and it is another thing in reality because sometimes, our plans do not always go accordingly. Life happens and it could be for the best. What is important is always looking at the positive perspective.
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Yea,I believe in us having plans to go with.i can understand your points and it better we mostly go for what works for the good of the family.
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The first thing that comes to mind when we are talking about how many kids that is necessary for each family to have is the financial position of the father and the mother. Believe me, there is always need to put this into consideration as that is the only way that we can say that the family will be able to cope on that circumstances.

Another thing that can be considered also is the need for the parents to have kids that are balanced such as having three boys and four ladies or just two boys and three as the cases may be. This is going to enable a proper bonding in the family which is very important as well. I have seen a family where you get to see only a guy in the midst of ladies which makes the guy to have some feminine behavior. So, having a balance is necessary.
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Well,I think everyone will love to have a balanced family but the giver might deny some and it nobody fault after all. 
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The number of kids one wants to have should depend on one's decision and this decision should be based on the capacity of the person to be able to take care of the children. I don't think there should be general rules on how many number of children people should have, except in those country with explosive population. And due to this, the government might decide to place limit on the number of children a certain family should have. But when it comes to other countries that does not have such laws in place, their population can go ahead and give birth to the number of children the parents can cater for.

Sadly, it doesn't really work that way in many families, as some go ahead and give birth to quite large number of children they can't meet their needs. And as a result of this poverty is now order of the day in the lives of such children.
If I am asked for solution to the problem on how children needs are left unattended to materially, financially and most of all emotionally by their parents, I will say there should be law that would limit uncontrolled giving birth to children.
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It breaks me sometimes when I see these kids left unattended to and some of these parents don't even bother with can really be depressing for these kids.

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