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Can I get a personal loan with bad credit history?

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It depends on few things:

- how bad?

- when did this bad happen?

- do you have income?

- is your income steady?

If you have a low income or dont have a permanent job You wont get a loan.

If you still have a low income but was graduated from college or university and work from time to time who knows may be you will get your desirable loan but the sum of money would be not high.

For me personally the main detail is having a job or at least a desire to have it. I hope you will succeed and wont have such need to get money through loans. You would better look for steady income, earning money (online as a variant), selling smth on Amazon or promoting some stores at facebook or instagram. I`ve read it is very profitable nowadays

There some chancessmiley

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This could be possible if you lived in a country that allowed you to have a co-signer on your loan. There are people who lost their jobs, fell behind with their payment, and maybe had to file bankruptcy that is trying hard to get back on their feet again and re-establish their credit.
I know in the United States they will allow a person to try and re-establish their credit if they can find a person to co-sign on their loan. This means that the person who has co-signed on your loan will be responsible for the loan if you miss any of the payment. They are actually guaranteeing that you will pay back this loan on time and giving you a chance to prove yourself. It is in your best interest to pay your loan payments on time, try to pay a bit extra, and make sure you make all your payments with no late fees. After this, it will help you to get another loan without a co-signer.
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Binixo ( fast and reliable online loan service. These guys know what they do.They provide fast support live chat 24/7, easy upgrade options.

MY father used to take a loan through that company for business needs and would never regret because everything was in time, there were no delays or complains and he was  definitely sure that the company is secure. Afterwards I heard a lot of positives reviews about Binixo because my father advised it all our relatives and friend. Well you know he is retired and has nothing to do laugh All in all you should just contact with their application center, choose a sum of money you would like to loan and apply for it. You will receive conformation very quickly and get the money within 15 minutes.

Good luck!

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I think it depends on the money you are borrowing and depends also if you have source of income that will give you the capacity to pay in installment. There is a term from some, but I don't remember now but you need a certain person that has a capacity to pay your loans, when you can't. This person should have a source of income because he will pay your loans if you stop paying. If you are in bad credits, you already have a bad history with banks. They will not trust you with paying the loans. Some will give you a chance but you need to have a source of income for some assurance. Banks have their own way of double checking your background so better be careful or you will be rejected. I haven't had bad credits so I cannot say from personal touch.
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It might still be possible because different people react and see things differently. But the chances for this will be very slim and if a loan will be at last granted it might not be to a tune of $2000 depending on the reasons for  your bad credit standing.

It always good to have a clean slate when applying for a loan.Because borrowers can only judge a person through their previous action and it  only through one credit rating.if one has a bad rating just like yours.It becomes difficult to grant such a person a loan,because owing to your previous antecedents it shows you're the type that finds it difficult to pay.So the best bet is to try first and see how it goes.

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