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Yes. I wish family planning methods like pills and the rest couldn't have been invented. How i wish there was only the use of C***** as means of controlling unwanted pregnancies. Most of our young girls are really making bad use of this methods. In fact were I come from, you'll find a girl is under 20 but very much into family planning yet they don't have even a single kid. They tend to forget there are risks involved like getting STIs and HIV because the only protective measure to use against these diseases is the "C".

I don't know whether its the persons in charge of family planning lagging in there work or the corruption involved. But then, I really feel like something should be done to our young girls using family planning methods, otherwise, the rate of HIV spread will increase yet that's what we're fighting against.
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I wish nuclear should not be invented. I know nuclear powers could help in a certain way, but I don't have knowledge of it. When I found out about what happened to Hiroshima Japan, where they place was wreck because of nuclear, I feel bad and I feel frightened too. Nuclear could benefit in a way I don't know but it should not damage any peaceful lives. Some who survived during those nuclear bombs were exploded had an skin illness. They died too in a long run. I cannot be specific but there are inventions that are corrupted, and was used for create bad reputation, like those who invented machines in Mining that bald the mountains that used to be green. I wish machine that spread poison in the sea like dynamite should never be invented.
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I wished they never got the idea of how to go about inventing sex toys. personally, from what I have read and heard about sex toys, they've made humans to be less appreciative of their kind. The invention of them it's way of telling our God we don't value ourselves as companions. They have actually done more harm than good in some loving relationships like marriages, and dating affairs. They made it difficult for sex in relationships to be valued. I heard a terrible situation, where a particular woman was completely withdrawn from her husband, due to sexual satisfaction she derived from one of the numerous sex toys out there when, she was introduced to it by her friend. All because the man is an ever busy type that is always away for business trips.
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But surely if the man was too busy for his woman the use of sex toys is better than looking for another man which is what happens in certain cases. We all have needs and at least she didn't stray.
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I want to believe that the gun shouldn't have been invented or produced.I know people get a gun mostly for security but it seem.a lot of people have forgotten the first importance and now using it violently against one another.

Gun becomes a very deadly weapon especially when it gets into the hands of  very wrong people like a naughty child,a drunk,a violent person or a happy go cop.These set of people handle the gun carelessly and go on a shooting spree with sometimes leave score of people dead.

I read about indiscriminate shooting by some people all around the world and it is always unfortunate that before  help could set in, people are already dead in the process.Apart from atomic bomb which I don't like at all,I think gun shouldn't have been invented.
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No. I believe that there are no inventions that shouldn't have been created or invented. I still believe that inventors do not have such bad intentions when they are inventing something. I must say that inventors believe that their works are always for the good and for the benefits of all that is living on this earth, will it be human or animals. Inventors have their own good reason why they are creating new things. They have this strong faith that their works will bring happiness to each one of us, if not to the entire world, that is the very reason why they keep on thinking and inventing things so that we can live easier and happier in this world.

The problem is on how we are using the inventions. It is very frustrating that others are using the inventions to do bad things, many are taking the advantage of using these inventions for their own good and the worst thing is they using some inventions to threat and hurt other people. I still believe that we could live peacefully and happily if all people will use all the inventions in such a good way.
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This is going to be a tough one. What do i begin with? Well, they are quiet a bunch of inventions I personally wished were never created or even thought of to begin with. Just like someone stated below, the means of induced ''artificial miscarriage'' (abortion) shouldn't have seen the light of day, talk much of taking it's first victim down to hundreds of thousands we've lost to the process. Instead, we should have device more effective ways than what we have already,as well as adhere strictly to it through sustained maintenance. The human mind is surely capable of such a thing.

This might come through as weird and a lot of people am sure wouldn't agree with me as it doesn't quiet fall in the line of inventions, but it is of my personal opinion that governance shouldn't have been put in is to me the mother of all deceitful inventions as many nations practice bad governance. Governance is meant to be a way of rule where norms and actions are structured, maintained, regulated and held accountable. Unfortunately, recent times seems to have deviate on those principles in almost every part of the continents today. Am stating this on behalf of some certain people, groups, in certain places, regions, countries which the system has comlpletely forgotten about and left totally in a miserable state to anguish in sorrows.

People who enjoy physical experiences on the scenery of Burj Al Arab, Eiffel tower, World trade center and some more developed nations might have little no idea where am coming from, but trust me when i say those who have endured the likes of boko haram, taliban and others, those underprivileged who starve on a daily basis as end results of wars and political manipulations, those ones will most definitely back me up on this.
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Having been kept awake by someone's noisy car alarm for the last couple of nights I will choose this at the moment. For one thing no one ever takes much notice if a car alarm goes off and some are so sensitive that even someone passing the car can set it off. I notice during the heat wave we experienced recently more alarms went off than usual.

Surely there has to be another way of alerting a person to the fact their car might be at risk of being broken into. Maybe an alarm which goes off on a phone inside the owner's house but waking the whole neighbourhood for something that is often a false alarm is not acceptable especially when the alarm can be faulty and impossible to turn off or will keep going off without reason once it has been turned off.

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