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Perhaps one of the most significant inventions of the first industrial revolution that we know and have learnt of is the printer, which is the smaller version of the larger printing press. The revolution that is being talked about in this respect is one of a more sophisticated and technological one. Here instead of people going places to buying things that they need, they will just be making them on their printers. Here's listing what you need to know to determine the perfect printing machine for you.

The Type: The most important aspect to keep in mind before making the decision as to which printer you want to purchase, depends on your need. If what you want are quick prints any time, what you should be looking forward to is a laser printer. Then again, for sure black and white only prints, laser printers are yet again the ones to go after. Whether a scanner is of need to you, whether Wi-Fi abilities are required, and all these factors should be considered carefully before rounding up on a printer.

The Economic Constraints: This is what will determine what section or category of printers you will be going for. If you have a rather big budget and are willing to shell out the big bucks, you might as well get a premium device with all in one functionalities and other improvements and enhancements accompanying it. But it probably would not be the case, and so only the really important features need to be pursued.

The Actual Purpose: You are probably buying the printer for a reason - it's not just a whim. So your main aim needs to be satisfied. Multifunction printers are the best for you if it's a home business you want it for. For daily and mainly black and white prints, you would probably want to suck with the fast laser printers. For occasional documents and pictures, an inkjet or budget laser printer would be fine.

The Technicalities: Last but not the least you need to consider the resolution, speed, cost of operation, compatible printer cartridge and so on for the most efficient performance.

Keeping in mind the dpi, the printout volume, the printout size, photo or print quality, image processing power, spare parts and printer cartridge availability, the warranty, customer support quality etc, you must surely have narrowed down the potential list for suitable printers for you, considering your needs and purpose for the optimal experience.

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It seems like you have already answered ur own question, but anyways.

I believe there will be no such revolution, unless you are talking about 3D prinitng, then I would say yes, whenever they are available for the public for affordable prices then I believe there will be a true revolution in the retail market!
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Your question and description are excellent, but you must also consider that the home printer has been around for years now. I know for a fact this is nothing new and back in the 80s and 90s all offices had printers and copy machine installed. Later on, most employees had a desktop printer they could use. Today printers are so cheap and most of the time you can buy a new printer for less than you pay for the replacement ink cartridges. Today printers are more of a throwaway item. If I run out of ink and go to buy new ink this will cost me around $65 to $80 to buy the two cartridges. 

Right next to the cartridges are new printers. I see the price of a new printer is only $55. Why not buy a new one that has the cartridge already there for me. It is cheaper to do this.

Furthermore, if you own an older model printer it is difficult to buy the new cartridges. You'll either need to buy a refill kit or find a company that can refill the cartridges for you. 

So some of the information in your question is difficult to say it is real and can actually be a revolution. If you made this statement back in the 70s I would agree with you on this one. However, if you were talking about the 3D printers and people owning one this could be a reality soon. You can even make your own at home now. 

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