You have a name really. How did it come by? Do you behave like the name? If I call my child poverty will he be poor? 
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Many people think their name is the cause of their problems, yes it can actually be i the cause but if you have a victor's kind of mindset you will prevail
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Yeah,  I may think like you.  Always be optimistic in your thinking despite your name
Yes I agree, the mindset is still the asset of a person if he wants to succeed and not by the name.
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I didnt understand the role of name in once life? How it is related to life? Each name will have particular meaning. Some like the name others didn't.
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Names were given by our parents when we are born. This was made for them to call us and to others, name was an inheritance from ancestors. Names doesn't define who a person was, that will still be depend on the person who has it if he'll involve his name through his life. Like in my case. I knew a person named Angel but he's alcoholic and doing disrespectful things on the internet.
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