This is really a big question for me. I want to know as to how to defeat manipulators, who manipulate in your relationships/love with opposite sex? I have been suffering and losing almost all my relationships/love because of these stalking manipulators worldwide.
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Simple you ignore them,those people don't matter and those that matter don't care or manipulate so it unwise to leave your lives in the hands of manipulators that can't add value to it. 
You don't have to defeat them, you have to eliminate them in your life like stay away from this people. If you need to moved somewhere else then do it so you don't encounter this type of people.
This is just me I totally stay away from toxic people,people that can't add value to one's life but negativies. They can't depress ones soul. 

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It is sad for you to have been experiencing this over the years.  Manipulators are inevitable in love relationship but there ways to ways to defeat or silent them In a relationship with opposite sex.  Here are few tips below:

It is very important for you to study your partner's weakness,  likes , dislikes, level of understanding and reservation, these features will enable you to adjust yourself in such a position that the trust and respect which is basis of every relationship especially with opposite sex will be established between you and your partner.
Love language understanding and compatibility must also be understood. Aside and trust and respect,  you also need to know the love language of your partner, for instance if your partner loves going to watch movies in cinema, it is your duty to try as much as possible to grant her that when ever it is needed, gifts are also areas you need to work on.
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Please get your relationship off their faces and stop letting manipulators come close.Things mostly happen if we allow them.Guard your relationship jealously and it will okay in the long run. 
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