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When I was younger I was a single mom. Her dad walked out when she as only 18 months old. Life as a single mon wasn't always easy. One of my girl friend's best friend showed up at my house one day with tickets to the circus. He wanted my daughter to see the circus and ride on the rides they had there. 

He took us to the circus, bought my daughter all kinds of junk to eat, toys, and whatever he saw he thought she would love. He was a photographer and loved to take photos. He took some amazing shots of her and me together this day. She was riding the merry-go-round and he took a fantastic picture of her.

A few days later he showed up and gave me some wonderful pictures of me and my daughter. She didn't stop talking about that day for a long time to come and this was so memorable for the two of us. I knew him and he was such a nice person. But I never knew what a really sweet person this guy was until that day. 
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Such a lovely experience. The most memorable thing that happened to me was: my husband gave me a baby boy. Motherhood is such a lovely experience.
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This I'll never forget. 2 years ago, I was involved involved in an accident, I was hit by a car.Unfortunately, the driver ran away and there I was on my own.Some people are really cold hearted, they stood there watching me.

The only person who helped were two men.They picked me up, gathered my misplaced things and rushed me to the hospital.

They always say unlike poles attract and like poles don't attract. Its always said that men find it easy helping women and the vice versa applies.We shouldn't keep this in mind, especially in crisis like accidents.Just do what's necessary and the Lord will reward you in Private.
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My partner likes to surprise me and once when I was going through a particularly rough time he picked me up at work and drove me down to the coast where we paddled in the water and ate fish and chips walking along the beach just talking and laughing together.

We got home really late that night but all my problems faded away for a short while because I had enjoyed our romantic time together. It didn't cost much but it meant a lot to me.
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I had a friend of the female gender in our village. We grew up together, we played most of our childhood games together, she was a sister to me and besides, our parents were friends. So they trusted us together. When I was 16 and she was 15 one day I was home alorne I was a day schoolar and on that day I had missed school due to my own reasons. At exactly 10:00 am she came to our home in uniform. She had been send home for school fees. After we had talked for a while it started raining that's when "my sister" locked the door. She came right straight to me and sat on my laps. She looked straight in my eyes and she placed my hand on her left breast. What transpired next is history. That's the most memorable thing a friend of opposite sex did to me.
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I have had some female friends in past that I genuinely cared about, share their life's journey and just wanted the best for them but that same level of love wasn't reciprocated until I met my partner. She showed me what being selfless is all about.

I haven't enjoyed love the way I'm enjoying now,it really in its purest form, because the love is coming naturally and not being coerced or forced. I get gifts and surprising ones,have dinner dates without contributing, make sure I'm okay at all times.it really memorable to me because I have never been showed this much love by the opposite sex good that it will be forever because we are spending the rest of our lives together.
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I think one of the most memorable thing that a guy has done for me is to make a guitar cover of Coldplay's fix you after telling him that I am very depressed.

Whenever I get this extreme feeling of sadness, I always tend to distance myself from people. I just want to be alone, and deal with my demons on my own. However, this guy kept on texting me. We used to talk a lot since we were classmates in graduate school. I never returned all of his messages until one day I decided to respond and to tell him the truth about what I'm going through. He said he feels bad for me and that he wishes he can do something about what I'm feeling. I told him it's nothing to worry about because I've been in this situation since time immemorial.

To cut the story short, he asked me to stay up because he's gonna send me something and so I did. Then I got this guitar cover of fix you. He's worked all night to get familiar with the song and with the tabs. It was very rare for someone to care so much for a friend whom he's only known for months, and I found it really really sweet.
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I have lots of stories that the opposite sex has done to me. Because I am a woman, the opposite sex is a man. When I was young, I receive a flower on my locker room. I was very nervous because I thought someone was trying to marry me. A letter was left after a week, again on my locker room and he explains that she just admired me because she saw me sing in a program. When I was in college, I have a classmate that has a pure admiration on me. He loves to walk me in the hall and even helped me with my problems, even financially. Since I cannot have a relationship while in school, it didn't move to a more serious one. He is not my boyfriend but I still remember what he had done to me especially catching me when I fell in the stairs of a stage. He hurt himself but he doesn't mind.
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Frankly speaking, right up until now there has never been anybody that has been so good to me than my ex. It's not something I am exaggerating on because her goodness towards me makes me not only to see her as an opposite sex but an heaven sent guardian angel. God has used her to bless me at key moments of life when I was at my lowest.

I remembered back in my university days when I used to squat with my friends, and suddenly the owner of the house dead. To my shock surprise, they asked me to pack out. I tried reaching my benefactor by narrating to him the development on ground, he took the whole thing with a pinch of salt. I did same with other of my relatives, all I got was same responses.
I shared the same predicament with my girlfriend, guess what? She decided to give me the money to go and rent a self contain apartment for myself. I was completely blown away with this uncommon kind gesture from an opposite sex.
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