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The most selfish thing I have ever done and I would still continue to do is always being myself. I am very self centered when it comes to sticking to what belief. It is very difficult for my views to be changed by anybody. And I love myself this.
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I bought mobile phone and I didn't tell my partner about it because I know what his reaction.

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I'm not perfect and I'm sure I've done many things that my memory has blocked out because they are too embarrassing to even think about. The one that stands out in my mind is when I should have gone to my neighbour's funeral but I had the chance to do something I wanted more with a friend so I told her husband that I couldn't get the time off work. I still cringe when I think about it although he believed me and didn't seem upset. I did support him after she died so I hope in some small way I made up for not attending the funeral.

We're all selfish at times and I think in general I do try and be a good person but I'm human and sometimes the little devil sitting on my right shoulder talks me into things I shouldn't do! I've done plenty of things I'm not proud of but hopefully more that I am proud of.
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Once my husband needed money badly and he asked me. I said I did not have any money. Actually I had  money in my bank account, but did not want to give to husband who was trying to get money for his sister. This is the most selfish think I have ever done.
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Denying my brother my laptop was the most selfish act have ever done. Four months ago he was doing a project and his laptop had spoilt . He had slapped me the previous day after an argument and I knew the best thing is revenge. When he requested to use the laptop, to told him am busy using it yet it wasn't. I really felt so bitter after some days after borrowing almost all his friends to no avail. If he has calmed down his ego he wouldn't have suffered the way he did.

I felt so bitter from inside but there's no way I could have expressed my feelings. I hope next time I'll be able to understand how to handle such kind of issues.
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The most selfish thing I have ever done is denying refuge to one of my friend's friend. It was just last month and I was in my apartment at school preparing for my exams when I received a text from my friend, a certain boy in my year in campus. We are not so close as friends and he did not even have my phone number so I assumed he had borrowed it from one of my friends. The text was asking if I could host one of his female friends who had come to visit him and had nowhere to spend the night.
I had agreed at first but changed my mind after thinking of how I will have to tolerate the presence of a stranger in my apartment, I am much of a loner and I am used to this. So I texted him lying that one of my friends was coming over to study with me for exams.
Later I felt so selfish. I kept beating myself up thinking of how bad the behavior is. The next day I met with the guy while coming from my exams and he told me that his friend found another place to sleep. It was with shock that I learnt that the lady stayed a whole week in the place the guy had found refuge for her. I started felling relieved that I had lied that night, could I have tolerated her a whole week?
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I would feel the same as you especially if it was someone I didn't know. She might not have been honest or she could have been really dirty and untidy. I think you made the right choice.
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I have been selfish a couple of times but this is one. It was something as trivia as a cream. In college hostels in my country, it isn't uncommon to see girls and boys living off others. This girl and her sister were always coming over to use my hair remover cream. I tolerated it at first but it became unbearable. One night she came and said that she needed it because she had a date. It was the last of the cream, though I didn't have any use for it, I still refused to give it to her. I was upset that she wouldn't just get hers and leave me alone. Later I felt bad about it because I never even got to use the cream until it expired. After that she never came back again and I was pleased. That taught her to buy her own stuff.
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I don't think that was selfish of you. She was taking advantage of your kindness. Some people are like that.
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I needed to think about this for long before answering. I know I am not perfect. I think I became selfish on ideas for my classmates before, or office mates before. I keep the ideas to myself because my environment has a lot of ideal stealer and they do not give credits to it. They steal your ideal and make it their own. Learning about this I adjusted myself and develop an attitude of being selfish with my ideas. Also, when a lazy person in the office needed something to me, I said no. I decline it because I know the attitude. If I will say yes, then the person will do it to me over and over. I will get fed up and for sure they will take advantage of my kindness. I guess kindness deserves kindness and not selfish people like them. I finally learned to give something to whom it deserves to have it.
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The most selfish thing I had ever done was placing my job above my family and the job was actually consuming and taking over most part of my life and I cared the least about the consequence. I was never there for the family and they hardly saw me daily because I leave the house very early and came in very late and all what I did was just to support financially and that was it.

I never attended the kid's events or stopped by their school to see how they were faring  academically, hardly took them out,couldn't answer to their inquisitive minds because I was hardly around and my fatherly roles  weren't effective carried out.I had to retrace my steps,I'm more of a Father now since I had to leave the job and try to focus on all areas of my life.

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