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The best thing I have ever done for my parents is me being a responsible adult that others look up for an inspiration. And they are very proud of me for some key changes I made from youthful exuberance to a more matured and well behaved adult.
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For me the best thing I have ever done and keep doing it is to respect them.

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For me, the best thing I ever done to my parents is to become responsible for helping the family survive every problems with money and the different challenges every family could face. I never left my family. I am always there and will always will. We are not rich but I can say that when they need me, physically, by money, emotionally or even spiritually, I am there for them. I never leave. I always put my best effort to solve the problem. I even became the shock absorber for everyone because if that is the best thing to do to relieve the burden, I will do that. I became the person they expect to be. Even those things that I should not take responsible for, I take responsibility when one fails to do it. That is how I love my parents. I will block a bullets for them just to save their lives..
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I don't think I have done any best thing to my parents apart from being always there for each family member. But then, I have always dreamt of building a mansion of my mom one day but still haven't accomplished that. Five years to come this dream must be accomplished no matter what it takes. I'll not get married until I fulfill this dream to my mother.

Besides, as a African lady,respect is very important. Am always respecting her at all costs because that's the only way I can repay for the care I received when I was a toddler. I'll never let peer pressure ruin me or my relationship with my mother. Have seen several people being affected by peer pressure and they end up ruining their lives.
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I didn't do much to support my dad because he remarried and moved away towards the end of his life but I was my mum's carer at the end of her life as she had dementia and poor mobility,  It was hard because she would criticise me a lot. It wasn't her fault, she was just confused but sometimes it was hard to take. At the very end she had to go into a home because I couldn't have her in mine. I had a young child to look after who she would have found hard to cope with but I visited her every day and took her little gifts.
Sometimes I look back and regret that I sometimes got impatient with her although I know she would forgive me and I hope she would say that I did my very best, I miss her now that she is gone and would give anything to see her one last time.
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The best thing I have ever done to my parents is just turning out right,I think this is the best gift a child can bless a parent with and I hope my kids does same for me. A child that turns out right is really a pride of the parents. Turning out right is encompassing from doing well financially, morally,maritally and otherwise.

A right thinking child would know when the parent needs different things and will look for ways to satisfy them,a right child will always look out for the parents and don't let them down when he or she is most needed.I try to be all that to my parent.

I respect my parent's views a lot and that's how a good child should behaves.
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I don't think I have done anything for my parents compared to what they have done for me. They tool all the pains to raise me, educate me, support me financially, emotionally. There is a lot of things I need to do for my parents.

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