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This is a really interesting question. It mostly remind me of my younger self and how crazy I was back then. Now, I think the craziest would be when my friends and I opted to drink couple bottles of beer before and after taking our exam in engineering class. We were literally sweating!
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Nothing so far yet because I am type of a person who doesn't take a risk.

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When I was 15 I was living in California. This was during the era of the Viet Nam war. At this time I was staying with my grandmother going to school. After school, my friends and I would go walking the streets and on the beach selling POW bracelets. We kept seeing the stories on TV about San Francisco and decided this is where we wanted to be and to go. So we made a plan to hitchhike up there to see what it is was all about. Each one of us told our parents that we were spending the weekend at the other person's home. We had it all arranged that after school on Friday we'd leave.

\We hitchhiked up the coast from San Diego to San Francisco. During our trip, we were picked up by a few other people who were on their way up the coast. There was this one couple that took us up there with them. They were what they called love children or a love child during this era. We arrived in San Francisco and had no idea where to do when we got there. Each of us only had a few dollars with us. We ended up sleeping in the park for the night and a policeman picked us up. They called our parents in San Diego. My grandma couldn't drive so it was up to one of my friend's dad's to come up there to pick us up and take us home.
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I remember this was in 2015 when I was in my first year at the campus.  We used to share a room  six people.  The five of us were friends then the remaining one was always staying on her own( more of an introvert). She could do her own things and rarely talked but the problem with her was that she was ever despising. She'll start abusing you when you've done nothing wrong apart from sitting on her bed. This kind of behavior was kind of akward but we couldn't complain to her because it might bring up another story.

So there was this day we decided to do something that will make her stoop low and at least give us some respect. I took one of her best shoes then hid it in another room where she'll never get. When she came she searched everywhere but to no avail. The only person had told about that deal was one of my roommates. The weird lady then  went ahead and reported to the security personel but forwarded the wrong name. These two girls, the'weird girl' and the innocent girl started quarrelling  while two us were busy laughing and smiling and pretending how innocent we were.

I don't how the whole thing went after going to the senate but I came to return the shoes after the semester was over in a dustbin.
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I think probably the time I hitchhiked to a seaside town with a friend. We just decided on the spur of the moment and took off. It was such a dangerous thing to do and I would be horrified to think my daughter would do anything like this, Luckily we were ok but we could so easily have been attacked by the people who gave us lifts.

We stayed in a bed and breakfast which appeared unusually empty for the time of year as it was summer and very warm. We went out that night but I had a headache and returned early. I am convinced the place was haunted as I was just dropping off to sleep when my bedroom door shot open with such a force that I believed I was about to be attacked in my bed, Then the door closed very slowly. This happened twice before my friend came back and she didn't believe me because it didn't happen again. The next day I asked the woman who owned the place if anyone else was staying there but she said no. I couldn't wait to get out of there!

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