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Whether it's for building online businesses, freelancing or something else, what skills do you think can help someone make money online? Why? How would one go about learning them?
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I'm really interested in this question, though I have my own views on how to earn money online I still want to learn more how to dit.

I've found a platform that provides so much value (all online marketing tools) and an affiliate program so this one, you can work and make money with it without having prior skills and you can build your skills along the way by not stressing much to learn quickly to make money fast you know. 

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So you can learn by using their tools in making Websites & Webinars & Animated Videos even (These things are the IT right now, almost everyone is looking to make these so I guarantee you it's on demand) and while you're learning you can easily promote the platform due to all the things they provide for a considered cheap price compared to other platforms, it's only for $49 and you can use everything they provide and become an affiliate. 

This platform is suitable for Online Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses etc 

They have video tutorials as well showing you how to use the tools and also teaching you about Affiliate Marketing/Online Marketing, very valuable you'll learn a lot from it while growing your skills and making money so you're able to learn and grow your skills feeling stress-free !

Here's a 90 Day Strategic Plan to achieve $2000 shown in videos by the Marketing Director of Builderall himself for FREE so just register to be able to see the rest videos of him spilling all the beans about HOW to make things work.

I am really looking some income online and it's really hard when you don't have enough skills to do some valuable work online and earn more. I don't know what work really do as virtual assistant.

Depends on how you want to earn. If you're going for paid surveys or sites like Answeree, you don't need a lot of skills. However, if you want to become a freelancer, then you should improve your skills based on your niche. 

I think you have to be discipline and well organized to make money online. It is not easy, but it is perfect job if you aren an independent person.
I think you have to be discipline and well organized to make money online. It is not easy, but it is perfect job if you are an independent person and you do not like having a boss or co workers. 
I think you have to be discipline and well organized to make money online. It is not easy, but it is perfect job if you are an independent person and you do not like having a boss or co workers. It is nice to work online because you control your life and your times.

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There are n number of ways to make money online. Here are some of the key skills that can help us with generating a good amount of money online :

  1. Understanding what we are good at - some people are good at blogging , youtube videos , photography, share trading or crypto currency trading. Know your niche and tap on it. Why ? As we have better chance at making money well without risk in the field we are good at.
  2. Connecting with many online earners through Facebook , Twitter etc and getting to know their tactics, trips and tricks which are the major 3T's for excelling in a particular money making site. Why ? With existing online earning experience, I couldn't find better tips or tricks in Google, than the ones I got from fellow earners online
  3. Willingness to take risk. There are some sites which require us to put in money, like for example - revenue sharing sites. And the fruits of risk are amazing.

There is no defined way to learn making money online. The more we connect and the more we understand what we are good at, we can make passive income from the comforts of our home.

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The most basic thing is for you to be able to read and write. There are some money making sites that require skills as basic as that. There are paid to post forums, paid to click and get paid to sites. Such sites only need a good command of English.
However, if you are seeking to get the bigger bucks, you can try freelancing. With freelancing, there are different skills needed. You just need to master them and put your self out there. Graphic design, transcription, writing, editing, proofreading etc. You can learn such skills by surfing the net, taking online courses and watching tutorials online. YouTube is awesome for that.

You can also go into investment, there's forex trading, high yield investment and even cryptocurrency. These are really high paying investment online but you need to study the trends and know how they  work before you invest your money. They always say "invest only what You can stand to lose."

Affiliate marketing and dropshipping isn't left out. There are many sites that gives you this opportunity. You can always use your social media as a very huge advantage here.
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First, you will need to choose a niche or two and focus on acquiring skills for them. You can't be Jack of all trade and just go acquiring all skills. Focus on the ones you have drive and passion for .

You can have the following skills

Transcribing skill.learn the skill of transcribing videos and audio to make money

Article and content writing skill: learn how to write as a very good writer and author.

Blogging and vlogging skills.Learn how to set up a blog, optimize it and monetize it.

Marketing skills learn how you can creste awareness about whatever you have to sell.

There are free online courses for these skills,check YouTube, sites and blogs that have tutorials on all these skills.
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If you were to research how to make money online you will see that it is by investing in some stuff like bitcoin, blogging and do the home job working online. I would say you should hone your writing skill you should also learn how to be good at researching many different things. As you can see having the writing skill is a very effective way to earn or make money online. There are many opportunities out there that require good writing skills. If you are good at writing you can simply make a blog and content, you can sell yourself to do services like content writing or some data entry works. Some websites are really paying decently just to do writings for them. It is a good choice to practice your writing skill because you can use it many ways to earn money online
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You can design courses and sell them on udemy. A friend of mine is successfully teaching how to read tarot online. After two years, she was able to leave her full-time job. Blogging, writing for sites like hubpages or freelance writing at upwork is another option. You can sell your photos online on sites like Shutterstock. You can make videos and become a popular YouTuber. If you have a late following at Twitter or Instagram then you can become a successful influencer and get paid for it. You can open an online store and sell your products or services. You can teach online. You can take surveys. You can start trading online. Possibilities are endless but you must be willing to take the first step. Also remember that online work requires a lot of patience and hard work.
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