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My favorite day would be Saturday. The reason being, I keep a lot of things to do for Saturday and I try to achieve all that was not accomplished during the week days, on a Saturday. Be it reading a book, tidying up the house, going to the gym or spending time with family, Saturday gives a sense of comfort that its just the beginning of the weekend and there are still 48 hours more to go for the new week to begin.

Also Saturday is a great day for me, to go out grocery shopping or watching a matinee show or even going for a long drive to the outskirts of the city, when there is no mad rush or jampacked roads.
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My favorite day lately is a day I'm able to make good money both online or offline. My needs are expanding with addition of a new family, it like the needs have tripled, so I need all the money I can lay my hands on.

Making money isn't easy now but I'm getting by daily especially with sites that are out to scam members and also delay payments but when a site pays me,it really make my day st least some expenses will be off my shoulders.

So my typical day begins with doing all the tasks I need to do to make money and when once I get to the minimum payout and I'm paid then it like my dsy was made because I wasn't scammed.
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We all have our favorite days but to be honest my favorite day is when my boss don't attend office as she's is so annoying and like a lady devil. Whenever she is not around, I feel so excited and happy and complete my designated work quickly to work online and earn extra money.

I used to like Sundays as well as we don't need to attend office and can relax but still at the end of the day, I feel bad as I wasted whole day doing nothing and wasn't able to relax. So I think we should plan our Sundays or even weekends properly so that we can utilize it properly and can bank upon making it our best day of the week.
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I can pick from the weekend  when I don't have to go to work but on those days, I still have so much to catch up with offline. So my favourite day is any day I utilize my time to the maximum. Especially the days I accomplish so much work online.

I could have loved the weekend so much if I didnt have a lot of engagements. It is really not unwinding and relaxing for me since I have to clean the house, wash, cook, go grocery shopping and get everything ready for the next week ahead. Free time to relax for me is when I can work online and do other things that I love like reading and watching movies, hence, those are my favorite days.
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I always look forward to Fridays because this day caps off my not-so-interesting week. This is the day when I don't feel guilty about having to stay up late because I know that tomorrow's going to be the start of the weekend, and that I don't have to go to work.

I often spend my Friday nights with friends. We usually hang-out, drink a couple of beers and talk about how fun or boring or irritating our week has been. I remember there was one time someone asked me why I often drink on Friday nights. I gave him the simplest and most honest answer--because it's Friday. Moreover, Friday night is also the time when I catch up with the series and movies that I've promised myself to watch.
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My favorite day is Sunday. I love it because it is the day I go to church. I usually wake up in the morning, do the house chores, take breakfast then dress so well in dresses mostly and be on my way to church. In church I love singing though I am not gifted with a sweet singing voice. I just love hearing the words and the tunes then trying to sing along. I also love hearing the summons given by our pastor, he is a very funny man and can make a tough situation seem so easy to handle.
Sunday afternoons, I am free and I can choose what to do at that time. I can watch a movie, go out with friends, read a novel, work online or just sleep. In the evenings, I love going to the market to do shopping for the whole week. I usually shop groceries, clothes and any other item that I lack in the house. At night, I use it to make a plan of what I would love to achieve in the coming week.
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My favourite day of the week is Sunday. I don't have to get up so early, although I often do,  and I love the early morning quiet where everyone is slow to move. All I can hear is the singing of the birds. I think every day of the week has a certain feel to it and Sunday always feels special.

When I was little I remember my parents would never let me play outside of the garden on a Sunday because it was a holy day when people went to church. I've no idea how this came about as it certainly isn't the norm now but I remember it was the same for all the children in our street.

It's also a day where if the weather is nice I will go to the coast to enjoy the sea air or visit family, a lovely relaxing day to wind down before the hustle and bustle of the coming week.
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I don't really have favorite day because every day above the ground for me is a day to celebrate God's goodness. But if I am to choose, I will go for Saturday. Saturday stands out for me among other days because it's the only day of the week have it all for myself. After a hectic long productive week, Saturday provides me the day to rest sufficiently without thinking of losing out on anything.

It's the day I can wake up very late, plus observing resting and relaxing of body and nerves respectively. It's also the day I can get to unwind by listening to my favourite radio programs, which sadly, I would have missed during the week.

In addition, Saturday is also the day I get to go to the market to buy those things I would need throughout the upcoming week. After which, I can as well as fix myself a nutritious meal. Interestingly, I can also get to catch up football matches schedule for the weekend.

For me though, weekend generally suits me better as it enables me to attend various events and shows and also hook up with all the fun-arousing things. Mind you, all work no play makes Jack a stressed and unhappy boy.
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Thoughtfully every living being have favourite day which dwpend on how the person tags it and certain events tied to such day.
In my own case, i think I love Fridays for certain reasons like; it is the day that introduce us to the weekend and in weekends, there is no going to work. Everyone stays at home to relax and enjoy with family. In addendum, I see Fridays as detailed by my Religion as a very special day; so Muslim honours the day with much love and visiting of each other.
However, some days are special to us just because of the special events that marked the day, such of those days are; a day a man graduated from school, a day a man secured a job, a day day gets married.

Many of this days are unique, coincidentally, many of this days fall in weekends and weekend starts on Friday.

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