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Is medication like Modafinil 100 mg the best way to treat ADHD?
what better suggestions you have?

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If you haven't yet tried talk therapy, or you have and the endeavors were unsuccessful in improving your issue, then yes, it could very well be your best option, but if you intend to buy it online, you should at least consult a doctor, even an Internet doctor, about the possible risks based on your history.
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According to your question "Is medication a best way to treat ADHD?" then yes! even your can't even treat your ADHD without medicine. ADHD have some others medicine like Adderall or Ritalin. and both are the best adhd cure. but always consult your doctor before taking it because every medicine have some side effects.
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If you believe yourself or another member of your family has ADHD then it is necessary to see a doctor. Trying to determine what is the best medication to treat this illness needs to be determined by your doctor. There are several different medications today that can control and help a person with ADHD. But only your doctor can tell you which one is best for you. If you take the wrong medication for ADHD this could lead to more problems and some side effects that could be dangerous for your health.

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