It's a question I read many places on internet so I am asking it here too: 

What's your creepiest glitch in the matrix or a paranormal situation? Something that you can't explain but it very much real.
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As I walked home from school, I couldn't shake the feeling that someone was following me. Every time I turned around, there was no one there, but I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched. Finally, I reached my front door and fumbled with my keys, trying to unlock the door as quickly as possible.

Just as I got the door open and stepped inside, I heard a rustling sound behind me. I turned around, but there was no one there. I told myself it was just my imagination, but I couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right.

As I made my way up the stairs to my bedroom, I noticed that the door to my brother's room was open. I peeked inside and saw that all of his stuffed animals were arranged in a circle, as if someone had been playing with them. I couldn't explain it, but I had the distinct feeling that someone had been in my brother's room while we were both at school.

I quickly closed the door and retreated to my bedroom, locking the door behind me. I tried to tell myself that it was just my imagination, but I couldn't shake the feeling that something creepy was happening. I spent the rest of the night huddled under my blankets, listening for any strange noises or movements.

As it turned out, my brother had been playing with his stuffed animals before he left for school, and I had simply forgotten. But at the time, it felt like something much more sinister was happening. Even now, when I think back on that experience, I can't shake the feeling that something creepy was happening! But still as long as it's my imagination, I'm all right! =)
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That really is a scary experience to be honest...I am glab that it wasn't actually something dangerous for you.
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My creepiest glitch in the matrix or paranormal situation was when I was walking home one night and I heard a voice calling my name. I looked around but there was no one there. I was so scared that I ran the rest of the way home. To this day, I still don't know what it was or where it came from.
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My creepiest moment of me is when I was havimg sleep paralysis. I can’t move all my body and I even see someone a white lady looking at me. Not until she pointed something but because I can’t move, I coudn’t see what she’s pointing. Not until morning I look what she’s pointing at it was mama Mary. That’s the dream I will never forget.
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The creepiest encounter is when we are watching a horror movie on my friend's house. We saw an electric fan blade spin although the windows are closed and it can't be blown by wind. The plug or wire is cut off because it is stocked for repair. It is still a mystery until now.
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