I think it probably is as I know I am guilty of it myself. I have met people I don't like the look of, perhaps because they are scruffy and then found them to be nice people and I have also met people who look good who turn out to be not so nice. Is it something we all do and is it acceptable?
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I think it is part of our subconscious to make initial judgments based on appearance, it is linked to our struggle to survive during all these centuries, stay away from those who look bad as they may harm us is the idea. In fact, we all believe that appearance says a lot about a person but I think it takes a lot more to truly know a person. 

When I was at the university we need to do a real training with young children (teach them English) and we need to have a partner in our class. I had a colleague (man) in that class that had a lot of tattoos, piercings and sang in a heavy metal band and nobody wanted him as a partner. He ended up being my partner, he was adorable with the children and a great professional and we had the best grade of the all class. He still is one of my best friends, besides the way he dresses he has a great heart and that is what really matters.
I see many people doing this. I even saw the other day a photo posted on FB about a woman who had tattoos all over her face and body and her hair was dyed and she had a lot of body piercing. It did ask what would you think if your son brought this woman home to meet you? In cases like this people would immediately judge her and wonder why she did this. There are many reasons a person does something or dresses differently. They might want to make a statement or even lash out at the way they grew up. Before you judge, find out why. 
This makes me wonder why most people view piercings and tattoos negatively. Personally, I think of these as forms of art and self-expression. Can someone share their views or knowledge on how and where this perception emanate?
I am also one person who judges people by the way they look. I think we should all accept that it is something that everyone has. We should avoid expressing our judgements to people as it may hurt them. 
By reading the bible, no one but only God has the right to judge us. We are all born unique and there is no way we can compare each other. We all need to respect our differences and for sure they have their own reason on some actions they did before.
It is completely inhuman to judge people by the way they look because we are all unique in different ways. Those who are fond of passing negative statements about other people's appearance it seen as an act of naivety. The bible said don't judge others so that you would not be judged.
Sometimes we can't avoid to judge a person personally but this is the thing I always avoid.

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I think it is, and I am also guilty of this. There are times when I will distance myself to people just because how they present themselves isn't the kind that brings a pleasant feeling. Personally, I don't think of this as a huge offense, but not that it is a good practice either.

Perhaps this is just the initial human response to something we don't know, especially when it's emitting a bad feeling that we perceive may harm us? I am not quite sure either. But we, as the humans that we are, care so much for ourselves that we don't to be caught off guard or be hurt by our own carelessness.

What would make this response unacceptable, is if we are to act to that vibe even if the other person's not doing anything against us.
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It is not at all human for us to judge a person the way he looks. Why? It is because of the simple fact that the personality we possess or the way we look, has been inherited by us by birth. We cannot do anything about it. No one, including ourselves, can change it either now or at a later date. Moreover, what is there in a personality or the look?

Anyway, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet as  a rose. Similarly, a person will be the same irrespective of the way he looks. In fact, I have seen bad people with good personality and good people with bad personality. Every one of us is unique in our own way. No one has the right to judge others. Above all, what counts is the way, a man or woman behaves and not his personality or the way he looks,
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I think it is human to judge people. Human instincts. Right from the origins of man, we are taught order. The order of right and wrong, how things are supposed to be and how there are certain standards that we have to live up to. We grow up to accept what is socially accepted and only some deviate from the norm.

This is just to say that it has become like a psychology to immediately identify People based on their looks. I think we do it subconsciously. Only when we've learned differently do we start to understand that things aren't really as they seem. We've began the process of unlearning certain things that are just not right and based on one angle.

When we judge people, we  often do a mental correction as soon as this happens. This is because we are more open minded and we have learnt that certain lessons that we were taught based on the ideology, preferences, orientation and limited knowledge of some people aren't all that there is. There's much more to a person than the way they look.
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Its very inhuman to judge people by their looks. I have found myself in such a scenerio several times until lately when i decided to stop after meeting some friend of mine whose always been there for me yet I had misjudged him initially to the extent of despising him. In our day today life, we often come across people some with good and others with bad intentions. Their intentions don't matter, what matters is how you bond with the person. Some are just on a mission to accomplish something while others just want friendship with you. We're all God's creatures and how you relate with  a stranger can either build or destroy you.
Be good to people always despite of their looks. In fact never trust that glittering face because that's a leopard in sheep's skin.
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Instinct, impulse, reaction, whatever you may term it, instant behavior on first contact is just human. Just like computers have been programed to execute operations in a familiar and orderly process, the human brain functions in a way it has been nurtured to perceive, adapt and process information. We have certain expectations which assumes thing in a phenomenal manner,  but if they manifest outside the confines of our orderly understanding, the brain sends a mixed signal which results to unclear judgment. This is my understanding on the psychology of the brain. Going back to the topic....


This is probably one of the most common and familiar quote known to everyone but unfortunately, a large number of the populace fail to reckon with it's meaning in their day-to-day lives. It is perhaps the only trait or characteristics every human personality shares and have in common...and it is because no matter how different our personalities are, our brains function the same with exception of the mentally disturbed.

I can't say I fall into the many who are guilty of judging people by first contact, it's because am an introvert. On the contrary I fall into the category of the judged on first contact, a very unpleasant feeling.
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Well for that question, Humans are usually like that. It is a common and a usual instinct for us humans. I believe it is not bad because it is our nature to feel uneasy, displeased, or distracted whenever we see a not pretty or unwanted type of thing or person. But having said of those things I feel sad whenever I knew people and saw people thinking that way, maybe they didn't know that they might hurt the people they are judging. I think we humans are capable of changing our nature like judging others by their mere looks, it is not really a bad practice to judge others without trying to talk to them or not having some time with them. People should know how to be more friendly. It is not always the looks that tell us how well and how good that person is.
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Yes. Most of us judge others by their look. But it is wrong. I have met a lady with black skin and rashes on the skin. Frankly I don't like her and avoid her. But In my critical situation she is the one who helped me without hesitation. After that I realized my mistake. Don't Judge people by their looks. 
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Sometimes looks can be deceiving. We might find persons and judge them on their looks but taking time to know these persons is better than jumping into conclusions .

Also it can be opposite, you can judge them from their looks and its exactly what they are. So it's either way. 
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It is not, but there are people who judge other person by their appearance. It was not the appearance matter but should have a kind heart to accept everyone. All are human beings.
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We should not judge on the people from the way they look or the way they wear, or from their outside look or shape.

It is not ethical , also we are all human beings , we are all equal to god.

Also if you treat people this way, one day someone will treat you the same way.

 We don't know what is the people situation, maybe they don't have money to look that expensive or good looking.

Always i say a person is what he have inside not outside.

Being humble, down to earth , will make these people feel good.

They are human beings and they should be treated good.

Also how many people look expensive outside while they are cheap inside and visa versa.
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It is not a good thing for people to do this. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that others are not conscious or even sensitive to this matter.
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