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Both words home and house are used in conversations. For eg: house plans are there, home plans are there; where is your house?, Where is your home?; Building a house, building a home etc. How can I differentiate both these words? Is both are same?
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The difference between a home and a house is that a home is where a family live, while a house is there is a family living in it.

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The word house refers to the building for one to stay. The word home is to indicate the point of place or building in which one stays in.

For example, painting housetop is correct. Not painting the home top.

Another example: You should go home. You should go house is not the correct term to use here.
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The term home is used as a family, residence, resting place or destination. House is just a residence (residential building) where we reside.
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Where is your home? Which is your house? I think this is the difference between these two words. Even if both refers to a single subject the usage in a phrase are the only difference there. Another example: House plan, Home design
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I think the word Home means a place to live with family while the word house means just a place to live. But it is just a formal meaning, not a proper definition. Let's talk about word home briefly:
According to me, if we talk about home then the things came into my mind are the bedroom, drawing room, washroom, kitchen, living room and the special part is a garden. Garden plays the main role in making a home beautiful (must be an attractive garden). Now if we talk about garden then the things came into my mind are flowers, greenery and grass. Now if we talk about grass them 2 things came into my mind and that is real grass and artificial grass. Some people prefer real grass while some prefer artificial grass. Personally, I love both and have experience with both these kinds of grass but a plus point of the artificial grass is that it took less effort and does not needs extra care. If we talk about real grass and artificial grass then it will take too much time and I think this is enough information. I go away far from the topic.
I think this answer will be helpful to find out the difference between house and home.
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The main difference between them is that house is concrete.
House refers to a building in which someone lives. In contrast, a home can refer either to a building or to any location that a person thinks of as the place where he/she lives and that belongs to her.
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Home is a word which has sentiments linked to family who lived there. House is just a building or apartment were people may live or it can be empty. A house is a place where humans can live feel comfortable and then it can be turned into home.

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