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Let it be a stray dog or a poisonous snake. Both are dangerous to human. Some kind of bears are notorious in killing human. A killer whale is an another example. Should we kill all these animals for human safety? Or just eat them up?

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Should we kill violent people? Is every criminal killed? 

We invaded the habitats of many animals, no animal deserves to be killed, if we keep to ourselves not breaking into their habitats everyone is safe. There is no such thing as a violent animal...they follow instincts...If rapists, murderers and many other criminals are not murdered why kill Animals who are Just living their lives...

Every one should keep to their own space...humans are violent, Animals only follow instincts...therefore there is no such thing as a violent animal.
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Snakes, bear, and killer whales are harmfull if we enter into their location. All animals and creature have their own right to defend enemies. Similarly, we have right to save us from stray dogs.  My opinion is we should control or kill stray dogs.
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Killing them isn't the best solution.Most of those animals are harmful for a good reason,its either  they're trying to protect themselves from predators or they're hungry and in need of food and human beings tend to be the readily available food.

There are other ways in which we can cub the situation because the same same dangerous species are tourist attraction either locally or internationally in most of the countries. The best solution is to provide them whatever they need since they're the ones attracting tourists and bringing in foreign exchange.
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The animals are in nature for a reason. Each animal is put there to control the population or part of the food chain. If we start to invade their homes and kill them off we are no better than people killing people. The problem today is that humans have taken away so much of the land that these animals are having a hard time finding a place to live and hunt. They are forced to move closer to towns and people in order to survive. If this happens and if a dangerous animal is found near a town they should be put to sleep so that people can trap them and move them to a safe location for the animals and people. They don't need to be killed.  

Stray dogs can be dangerous because they are hungry and looking for food. It is because of man these animals become dangerous. They are abused or thrown out to fend for themselves. If we treated our children like we do animals, we'd have a society of killers running around on the lose. 

If a dog is dangerous then it should be trapped and put in a cage. Find out if the dog is really a threat to people or if it was just abused and thrown out on the road to survive. There are many times a stray god can appear dangerous, but in fact, it is only hungry. I don't believe in killing these animals unless it is necessary and there is no other alternative. 

I also wouldn't go out in nature and just start killing animals. This is wrong and people have no right to do this unless they are actually defending themselves from a bear or other wild animal attack. 

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