My friend stays in France. He is going through Major Depression Problems. My friend can not work, study, sleep, eat and enjoy pleasurable activities properly. Can depression be overcome? Share your views so that I can help my friend overcoming his problems.
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Depression is curable. Basically, depression is the unstableness in one's emotional and mental state. For stability to be regained in the life of the depressed, he must show some level of self help before anybody else can. He has to get himself out that state by deciding to engage himself productively. He must stay away from vices like drugs, alcohol, social media addiction, and any other thing that can't serve his mental and emotional state. Seeking professional help is also a viable option.

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Major depression is a medical issue and should be treated by a doctor. If your friend is as depressed as you say he is, then he should go and see a doctor. They can do a few tests to find out if he has a hormone imbalance or there is another reason that is causing his depression. Left untreated can be dangerous for him. I think the best way to help your friend is to find a good doctor for him to go and see.
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In my own experience, if i  am depress i will make it sure that i eat every meal. If your stomach has nothing to digest then you can't think of the right solution to whatever problem you have. Think of the positive side not on the negative side always... Everytime you are depress just think of the happy moments so that your depression will not continue... For me, it really works.
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Yes it can be cured.Since you'd like to help as a friend, you should at least try talking to him on that situation he's facing.The most important thing is that you should always be there to give him company engage him in activities to make him busy so that at least he feel like he's not alone. At times you can decide to go out, make him mingle out with people. If all these don't work out then he should see a counsellor to be helped out.
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If can be cure if he wants to get healed because it will keeps on coming back. He needs to see the doctor immediately so that he will be given the right medication. Is he with a family or relative in London? The support system for people who are under going medication is needed. They cannot get cure alone. The family should be strong for him. They should adjust to what is happening on him. He cannot live normally until he is having a depression. Once he get lonely, he will remember all the lonely things that happens to him and the depression will kick again. The healing process will only start when he wants to get heal. If he wants to get heal, he will follow the doctors advises, and drink the medication. I just wish there are people around him that will support him.
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Yes, we can overcome depression with a determined heart. Depression is a thing of the mind and the mind needs to be purged if we really need to overcome it.

I have once been depressed because of what life threw at me,I took some drugs but didn't work but what worked for me was self therapy. I just had to talked to self and realize that we should always know that bad times will come but the good thing is that it will never last forever. Your friend needs a therapy either from self or from a therapist. You can even counselled your friend and help him or her snapped out of the depression.

First thing is to identify the cause of the depression and work on that area to see how to make it better.if you try it doesn't work then leave and seek an alternative. There will always be a way out for a problem.
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Could it be that your friend is not happy with his life in general? I think this can cause depression and if this is the case perhaps he should try and change the way things are if at all possible. Depression can be caused because a person is dissatisfied with his life but this is not always so. Talk to your friend and find out if anything is bothering him.

Clinical depression is caused by a chemical imbalance and is usually far more serious. It needs to be treated with medication and sometimes therapy. If you think this could be the reason for your friend's depression try and get him to see a doctor because he won't be able to overcome this on his own. It's good that he has a friend like you who is trying to help him so do keep in touch with him and make sure he doesn't feel alone with his depression.
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Does your friend open up to you in any way about his condition? Does he tell you why he feels depressed? You do not have to directly ask him these questions but if in case you can pinpoint from his stories the things that trigger his depression, then it'll be easier for you to cheer him up. Nonetheless, I think being there for him whenever he needs someone would be a great help. Oftentimes, when people feel depressed, they do not really want to talk to other people but knowing that someone will be there for them might make a huge difference. It will also be helpful if you will encourage him to set goals for himself, no matter how small it is. It may be as simple as doing the laundry to something like cooking food for himself. Little victories matter a lot for people battling depression.
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I think it's not am easy process when dealing with depression, and it's because it completely has everything to with our emotions, emotions which can be influenced through certain events, situations and actions of people around us. But nevertheless, if a person puts their mind to it, they can easily overcome it with a lot of effort.
In order to overcome your depression, you need to know exactly what makes you depressed. Lets take for instance, a widow slipped into depression just few days after loosing her husband. Such a person can easily loose her depression state since we know sadness and the feeling of being lonely is the actual cause of her depression. She can begin the process by working on her emotions and letting go of the things that makes her sad.
However, not all cases of depression in people are as simple as that of the widow stated above. Some cases of depression are very complex to a point that the actual causes of such state of mind is unknown. Most of these type are people who surrferrd from years of abusive nurture or those born with a depression kind of sickness.
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First identify the cause of depression, some time lack of money or loss of a love one can cause depression. The cause will help identify the type of solution to apply. A change of environment can be helpful for certain type of depression. Counseling is another way of managing depression which allows the councilor to change the perspective of the depressed person.
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