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My friend stays in France. He is going through Major Depression Problems. My friend can not work, study, sleep, eat and enjoy pleasurable activities properly. Can depression be overcome? Share your views so that I can help my friend overcoming his problems.

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answered by LEGEND (7,162 points) 4 14 34
Major depression is a medical issue and should be treated by a doctor. If your friend is as depressed as you say he is, then he should go and see a doctor. They can do a few tests to find out if he has a hormone imbalance or there is another reason that is causing his depression. Left untreated can be dangerous for him. I think the best way to help your friend is to find a good doctor for him to go and see.
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In my own experience, if i  am depress i will make it sure that i eat every meal. If your stomach has nothing to digest then you can't think of the right solution to whatever problem you have. Think of the positive side not on the negative side always... Everytime you are depress just think of the happy moments so that your depression will not continue... For me, it really works.
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answered by LEGEND (5,023 points) 4 7 17
Yes it can be cured.Since you'd like to help as a friend, you should at least try talking to him on that situation he's facing.The most important thing is that you should always be there to give him company engage him in activities to make him busy so that at least he feel like he's not alone. At times you can decide to go out, make him mingle out with people. If all these don't work out then he should see a counsellor to be helped out.
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answered by ELITE (3,080 points) 2 5 13
If can be cure if he wants to get healed because it will keeps on coming back. He needs to see the doctor immediately so that he will be given the right medication. Is he with a family or relative in London? The support system for people who are under going medication is needed. They cannot get cure alone. The family should be strong for him. They should adjust to what is happening on him. He cannot live normally until he is having a depression. Once he get lonely, he will remember all the lonely things that happens to him and the depression will kick again. The healing process will only start when he wants to get heal. If he wants to get heal, he will follow the doctors advises, and drink the medication. I just wish there are people around him that will support him.

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