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I have a fitness tracker which counts my steps, records my heart rate and tells me how much sleep I am getting. I love it but do you own one and what do you think of them?

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I do not own one but I recently researched about it because the other day while I was walking around our apartment, I noticed that more people just keep on looking at their wrist everytime they get past a block. I knew they were monitoring their steps, but I didn't know that they were so anxious about this.

It then led me to question, since when did a 10,000-step routine became the fitness goal? Where does this figure come from? An article written by Michael Mosley (there were a lot of published articles about this but I choose this because it clearly provided the information that I am looking for) revealed that the 10,000-step routine was a result of a Japanese campaign to encourage their people to be more physically active. And sure, it became an instant hit, especially to the health-conscious. However, results of an experiment aimed to challenge the effectiveness of this routine showed that doing three 10-minute brisk walks proved to have greater health benefits, as people are more likely to increase their heart rate when doing this activity. Bottom line is that people owning these trackers for a long time tend to be more obsessed on the numbers rather than the actual goal of the exercise.

When it comes to sleep monitoring, I think the concern of some people would be the accuracy because although a tracker can tell whether a person is awake or asleep, they are still prone to errors.

With all these drawbacks, I still think it is worth the investment. Fitness trackers could definitely help people who are struggling to lose weight. Moreover, I could say that the most important benefit of having one is that it motivates a person to be more physically active while at the same time getting aware of their overall health.
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Yes I find the sleep monitoring very inaccurate and normally only keep track of my steps and heart rate these days.
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I don't hava any maybe because my region where am coming from, we're still analog while you guys are much far ahead technologically. I have come across that information in bmf whereby, its something like an app which has a timer. It checks on your walking speed, and all things you've said above then you're get paid. But then, the earnings were very less in deed. I cannot recall the exact name of that app or maybe its the one you're using. I find these times quite helpful because it encourages people to exercise hence keeping fit. You'll find with time, you're making improvements and besides that you're being paid some cash as a token of appreciation which will boost you in some way. What I can do is encourage you to keep on with what you're doing.
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A fitness tracker is of great help for our health and if one can get the device or as an app on a device then it would be of immense help for such a person. I'm looking at getting an app that will help keep track of calories burn and the steps I have taken daily.I'm a fitness enthusiast and there are numbers of steps I want to taking daily so I will need a fitness tracker to help me keep the record appropriately.

It good to always use a fitness tracker because of it's enormous benefits. The tracker helps one to do more like if one is out to take some amount of steps,when once the steps aren't complete for a day, it will show on the tracker motivating one to take more helps one to have a fair knowledge about one's steps,calories burn,track ones heart rate and helps promote more activities.

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