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I have a friend who is looking for a dog to guard his property when he works nights. Which breeds do you think make the best guard dogs?

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I think Tibetan Mastiffs are the best guard dogs. This bread endemic to Tibet is big and ferocious. Tibetan Mastiffs are popular dog breeds in Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia and India. The adult male can be anywhere between 45- 75 kg. Adult male measures 65-75 cm. They have long thick coat. Black is their normal color, and some dogs also have brown patches on their belly. They have big heads and long thick tail.

In the rural areas, Tibetan Mastiffs are generally used to guard sheep from wild animals. It is believed that four Tibetan Mastiff can guard the heard of 100 sheep. In the urban areas, Tibetan Mastiffs are used as night watch dogs.

Tibetan Mastiff are the dogs of cold climate, therefore, it will be very difficult to raise them in warm climate.
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The German Shepherd is a good choice. Most of them possess middle statures and good temperament to the people without threat. Plus, they will be responsible for their job and loyal to us. Because of the strong work ethic and enough energy and stamina, they always accomplish the tasks remarkably. Those are the reasons why people love to train them to be working dogs, such as guard dogs, search and rescue dogs, and service dogs. Apart from being an outstanding assistant, German Shepherd is also a partner or companion for people or children. Some autistic children are willing to make friend with their GS therapy dog. I think you could suggest your friend find a well-trained adult German Shepherd or a puppy trained by himself.  

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My partner is looking for a good dog that will protect and guard us from anyone who will harm us.It should be the German Sheperd dog, they are more intelligent dog and you can train them as your protector. I saw many times about training of German Sheperd and they seems really will follow you what you say. And of course, most police have a dog like that. Another one the Doberman dog which is a type og dog that is alert and will companion you and protect you. They more look aggressive though and they are very protective dog. I think you need to find some good breed dog that you can handle and you are not afraid of it. You have to get a dog while they are still a baby so when they will know you well and you will know them well and train them.

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