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Have you lost your respect to someone? Like you don't hate them but you don't need them or you feel you don't need to mingle with them? How do you lost your respect to someone?
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I don't think so, but I think I rather avoid the person than do something that is not very appealing.
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Yes, I have few friends who scammed me and some friends talked behind my back. When I learned all of this, I totally lost my respect to them.

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This happens to me a lot. I lose respect to people who do not know how to respect other people regardless of their age, work, and social class. Respect is something earned.

I have this one co-worker who apparently holds a higher position that most of us. I wouldn't mind if she'll be bossy and all, but what I can't withstand is how she treats her co-workers who are in the lower rank. She often curses them and even blame them for her own mistakes and shortcomings just so she won't appear careless in front of other people and to the higher-ups. She also isn't friendly to people working blue collar jobs. But she seems to be a very respectful, polite, and kind person in front of other bosses.

She's nice to me, though but I wonder how she would treat me had I been in those people's shoes.
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I am seeing myself on that person she curses all the time. I am having the same treatment with a boss. I lost my respect already so I think you should appreciate she doesn't treat you that way.
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I don't think I should value that. It's not as if I owe it to her. We someone's being a bully, she's supposed to be the one who should change her ways and appreciate the presence of other people around her. Come to think of it, work's not supposed to make feel worthless, right?
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I think that probably happens to most of us at some time or other. There are plenty of people who are not what they seem to be on first meeting them.

When I was first at college I befriended a girl who I thought was a loyal and trusty person. We did everything together and spent time at each other's houses in addition to getting around together at college. I thought she really liked me until I overheard her bad mouthing me to other students. I was devastated as I had trusted her with some of deepest secrets and couldn't believe that it had all been a lie. After that I kept my distance and although I would still speak to her I didn't hang around with her any more.
It does work the other way too because sometimes I have met someone I wasn't sure of at first and then become good friends with them.
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Yes, I have to agree too. We met people with a purpose and that is either because we need to be careful because of them or to be carefree because they are trusted.
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This is the reason we shouldn't always judge people from the first meeting. There are folks that may look nice at the first meeting, but are really not what we think that they are at the end of the day. 
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Most of the people I know trust the first impression last, but to me, I don't fall into that because I know every person has its purpose, to either ruin or make my our lives happy
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Yes. I lost respect for one of my aunts recently, a sister to my father. Have always respected her until recently she approached me and told me she's got some business for the two of us only. At first I was worried because first, we're never that close and she's ever busy so I was wondering how she could do the business. 

I actually couldn't believe what she told, the business she was talking about was more of a stripper. I was shocked and lacked words to say because that's like she's despised me and feels like that's the only work that suits me. I didn't tell my mom about this because it could have brought other issues. Since then, I don't feel like seeing that woman ever again. I really detest her and don't think I'll ever look her in the eyes.

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Oh My, if I were you I will be really shock and avoid that relative of yours. You can be in danger on that person. I will really lose my respect for that person instantly.
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I don't have respect for deceivers and I detest such characters because they don't only steal from one they can make one be depressed.I had a business plan before now I was thinking of meeting with my local government chairman to supply dumpsters to all the strategy locations in my community. I met with few people that could direct me on how to go about meeting the chairman and they insisted on seeing the proposal before tabling it before the chairman, little did I know I was dealing with deceivers and these are close family members.

We got talking and before I knew it the plans was hijacked by 2 people and presented to the chairman and they claimed they were the originators and the contracts were awarded to them,they came for me to help them with the execution for some fee,I just walked out on them.Till tomorrow those two will never earn my respect again.
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What kind of people are they and they are even your close relatives. How cruel are them, you deserve to lose respect for them.
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It takes a long time to build respect, however, you can lose respect instantly. One bad decision, one bad action, and the respect you built in many years will be gone.
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I have to agree, that is really true. I can lose respect easily and that happens to me ever since I was young. I lost my respect to all of my neighbors because they are all involved in gossips that ruins every family in the neighborhood.
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I've lost respect for a gogood number of people. I think this happens when they present themselves in a certain way initially and then later they turn out to be quite the opposite. This can also happen when a person does the list expected of him. At first it can be awkward between you and such people.
In my former workplace, I lost respect for a boss I admired for his hard work and personality. This man threw away his caution and manners when he decided to go after all the single ladies at work despite the fact that he's a married man with beautiful kids. I found that very degrading and absurd. I know for some people it common expectation but that is just outrighly disgusting. Since that moment, I've never looked at him the same again.
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If I were in your position, I will feel that way too. I will totally and immediately lost respect to that person. He is a married man but he is flirting with single ladies, that is inappropriate.
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I have been betrayed by someone whom I took as a good friend but it was all a pretense for him and he ended stabbing me in the back. This happened to me when I was still in the university and very much into the school departmental politics. I had only an eye to become the departmental president of our Mass Communication but before I declared my interest to run for the departmental presidential position, I was approached by one guy who informed me of his desire to run as well and he saw me as a credible threat to beating him to the seat, so her came to with an offer to choose any other position in the office and he would give it to me on a silver platter. I respected his courage to approach me and stepped down for him and decided to go for Financial Secretary but at the long run he ended up stabbing me in the back by trying to sell the position he promised me. I found out and later when for the office of the presidency and won it.
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Oh my, this is really a stabbing and for sure you really got mad at this person. I do not call this person a human, If I were you because this person has no conscience.
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I won't literally say that I lost my respect for them, it just that I decided to distance myself from them, especially if I find out that they are not what they claim to be. I have had couple of acquaintances in the past that I really held in high esteem, but once I discovered that they are not practicing what they preach, I just kind of keep them at arm length.

For example, there was this guy that used to seek my advise on how he can get some certain areas of his life sharpened up, which I generously did to the best of my ability. As time went on, I realized that he didn't take what I admonished him on seriously. And that alone made me to conclude not share my valuable insights of relevant life issues with him. Fortunately, he came to me again to seek out my wisdom on other issues, but I kindly declined since the other ones I advised him on did not see the light of the day.
It wasn't that I lost my respect for him, but I only just found him not worthy of my time I dedicated in advising him.
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If I were you I will do the same. I get annoyed when people ask for advises and then doing the opposite. It is plain and simple, you wasted your effort on them but surely they came to a point that they think about their decision

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